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You've probably all read about or seen the ridiculous video claiming there's a time traveller in footage of a Chaplin film premiere merely because the person (in appropriate period dress) is holding her hand to her head as if using a mobile phone (why would she, it wouldn't work) so I won't link to that but what I will link to is the Daily Mash's article on the matter.
ETA: It's actually a bloke and this is what he's saying.
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That's a nice item on a bill.

What gets me is that the owner actually doesn't apologise for the insult but that it turned up on the bill. Sorry, I'd want my money back, decline the free meal and tell everyone not to eat there and maybe even sue the bastard because that just takes the p*ss.
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"At least one dog in Walcott near Great Yarmouth managed to avoid getting its paws wet."
Not as bad as it seemed, then. Some impressive waves, though.
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You can now add the headlines of the City Edition to your friends page: [livejournal.com profile] cbnews_city
Seems to work OK.
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Well, not quite but close enough. Beware the dinosaurs. ;o)


17 Jan 2007 06:59 pm
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"Don't walk on the sheltered side of brick walls because even brick walls can be damaged in these winds." (weather commentator on BBC1 just now)

What sort of a gale are they expecting? I'm glad that all the trees near the house and my car have recently been pruned. o_O


26 Feb 2006 12:02 am
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Police investigating the Securitas heist found a burnt-out Vauxhall that was "disguised as an unmarked police vehicle". Erm, huh? I thought the point of an unmarked police vehicle was that you couldn't tell it was one so how can you make another car look like one?
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Death driver was stoned
Only the Cambridge Evening News...
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Anyone else but [livejournal.com profile] bibliogirl heard it or even affected by it?
The shockwave apparently travelled as far as Holland and Northern France...
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Even Der Spiegel reports about binge drinking in Cambridge
Begrabt mein Herz an der Biegung der Theke
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was buried today in an unmarked grave without big ceremonies or glamour because their faith prohibits any kind of idolisation. Respect, especially considering his status and wealth.
He was old and frail and expected to die very soon. He died, his successor (who had been running things for years, anyway) took the throne and life goes on.
The Catholic Church could learn a lot from that.
It also sends out a fantastic message to the world where currently a lot of hate is targeted at Muslims because of the actions of a tiny minority.

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