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I have Tuesday to do last minute luggage check and recheck and most importantly, get lots of sleep and not very much else. Planned Itinerary (all times are local):
My coach leaves at 6, then flight to Frankfurt at 11:40 from LHR.
Bloody schedule changes (after I had booked my Frankfurt flight) mean I won't leave Germany before 22:45 so I'll have time to get the train into town or something or just read and relax somewhere at the airport.
Arrive in Santiago, Chile (after a stopover in Sao Paulo) at 12.
Transfer to hotel includes a short bus tour of the city so I'm guessing I'll get to my room not earlier than 15:00. Considering I will have been travelling for something close to 40 hours at that point, I don't think I'll get up to much in Santiago, tempting as the full city tour might be.
9 or 9:30 to 12:20 or 12:50 flight to Punto Arenas, Chile
Trip to a colony of Magellanic Penguins.
Ca. 18:00 check-in on board the MS Nordnorge
Ca. 20:00 ship sets off!
Cruise Itinerary
Ship's Webcam
Friday, 29/12
Arrive in Ushuaia
Trip to the Tierra del Fuego National Park
12:45 or 13:15 Flight to Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires:
20:30  Tango Show and three-course dinner
Saturday, 30/12
Fly to Frankfurt
Sunday, 31/12
Arrive in Frankfurt, fly back to LHR, get coach to Cambridge, taxi to home.
Pass out, most likely. If capable of anything, I'll upload photos, that's it.

Mentioning photos, looking at the current info, it's unlikely that I'll be able to upload photos while I'm on the cruise because I won't get access to a "real" computer, just an internet terminal. At least I'll be able to update this regularly. I should be able to get WiFi access at the hotel in Buenos Aires, though so might get a quick glimpse then. No promises.

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