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Around 2, I went over to [livejournal.com profile] raggedyman's where his mother picked us up and drove us to Stansted. There we waited at the Krispy Kreme stand for the others ([livejournal.com profile] mansunite, [livejournal.com profile] razornet, [livejournal.com profile] devalmont, Graham, [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke and finally Jon). After a few donuts and checking again we had everything we made our way through customs where [livejournal.com profile] razornet was the unlucky one to be picked for special treatment but we made it through in one piece. A quick "pizza" and a couple of shots later, our flight was finally called and we trekked to the far end of the airport (Gate 54, where no handy train thing goes). We waited in the queue for what seemed like ages but miraculously, when things finally got moving the plane actually left on time and arrived in Krakow 10 minutes ahead of time. The two hour and a bit flight was relatively painless and was spent chatting and reading.
Going through customs and arrivals in Krakow was OK, too, although there was quite a queue. The airport is tiny so while some of us got money out of the cash machine (exchange rate was 5:1), others went for a smoke and [livejournal.com profile] raggedyman even found a flask of vodka for [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke. After looking for the nonexistent hotel shuttle and asking a helpful member of staff we decided to take two taxis to the hotel which worked out quite cheap for the journey (our hotel was at the other end of Krakow). We got to the hotel just after 10, checked in and were told that the bar would close in a few minutes' time so we quickly dropped off our bags and then proceeded to make a good dent into the bar's stock until around midnight because we had an early start the next morning. Nobody asked us to leave and they kept serving us so I guess their opening times are arbitrary (as are other rules as you'll see later).
Getting ready at the airport Hotel bar Hotel bar

The hotel rooms were basic but functional and clean (two beds, wardrobe, desk, two chairs, bathroom with shower, loo and sink), all we needed for a weekend.

The breakfast buffet had hot sausage and "scrambled eggs" and lots of more continental style items like cold cuts and cheeses, rather good bread and bread rolls, boiled eggs, salads, cereal etc. perfect for providing the base for the day's (drinking) activities.
Our first item was a Crazy Guides tour of the communist legacy of Krakow. Our guides were Yoolka, Kielbasa and Nyzio and we were driven around in the Red Devil (standard Trabant), The Frog (Trabant Kombi and the Polski Fiat. How they managed to fold [livejournal.com profile] devalmont into any of them, especially the Fiat was a miracle. We visited Nowa Huta, a huge part of the city build during the Stalin era to house 100,000 steel workers. For communist architecture. this was quite beautiful (if all covered in soot from the pollution) and positively huge and still the biggest district in the city. All communist trappings like the Lenin statue in the main square have been removed so it all looks quite pleasant. In an old restaurant which was the main attraction during the communist era and still makes a lot of business we had a drink (two different shots of vodka) and a bit of a history lesson of the years after WWII until the late 80s. As a centre of heavy industry, Krakow was also one of the major centres for Lech Walesa's Solidarność trade union.
The steelworks itself we didn't visit, just the main gate as there was some celebration going on (some anniversary related to Solidarność. After the steelworks, we stopped at a random street corner where an old Soviet tank was parked which we had a good look around and posed with.
Tanktastic Communist Krakow tour Tanktastic

We were dropped off somewhere in town (at the Square of Ghettos Heroes as I now know) from where we wandered around a bit until we found a small restaurant where we stopped for lunch. We had two flavours of pierogi (pork and sauerkraut), breaded pork neck and other delicacies as well as a couple of beers and more vodka (I held back a bit there as I can't drink much during the day without falling over). After finding out where we actually were, we made our way into the old town proper. Apparently because Hitler loved it, Krakow was never destroyed during WWII so there is a lot of historical architecture from all eras, mostly Central European so not much different from, say, Berlin or Vienna. We walked around, watched the fattest pigeons we'd ever seen, visited the very impressive cathedral which among other lush features has a huge altar piece by Veit Stoß, a German sculptor who also worked in Nuremberg and Bamberg and then had a couple of drinks before wandering more to find The Wodka Bar where they didn't serve food so we went around a couple of corners until we found a restaurant where more excellent food and cake for little money (by UK standards) were had. The menu mentioned mushrooms on my veal escalopes that turned out to be girolles so that was nice. This was also when we discovered that tax often isn't included on the price shown on the menu but the added surprise wasn't that big. The rest of the evening we spent at the vodka bar sampling a variety of vodkas guided by [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke and the very helpful barman. Having had quite enough around 10, we got taxis back to the hotel where we propped up the bar for a bit until midnight or so.
8 do Krakow Cathedral Cathedral Wodka Bar

After the previous night's heavy drinking, we had a bit of a lie-in before breakfast. The historic part of the day was Wawel, a castle complex that has been in use since the 9th century and continuously rebuild and expanded over the centuries in a hodgepodge of styles (quote [livejournal.com profile] raggedyman, "When you become king, you just stick on another bit to live in"). The whole complex is huge and you can walk around the outside areas and most courtyards. Various inside areas are ticketed but separately so you can pick the things you're really interested in. The weather was rather grey and rainy so we just picked up tickets for everything. We started with a guided tour of the royal apartments which were very impressive and lush. Some walls still had original, unrestored murals around the top edge of the walls. Other items like huge tapestries and furniture were equally well preserved. Our lovely guide covered quite a bit of history during that good hour and I learned a lot I hadn't known about Poland.
The armoury was equally impressive. As Krakow used to be the seat of kings, there were the crown jewels and other items from that era in one part of the building and the armour proper with a huge selection of weapons, armour and artillery in the other. Photography was prohibited in all the inside areas so sadly you'll have to take my word for it how interesting and fascinating all the items were, like the gunblades (short thin swords with double barrelled guns built into the handle) and firearms with intricately carved and/or inlaid stocks. One of the rifles looked like a Dwarven blunderbuss from Warhammer and there was a double-action wheel lock handgun, too. The most surprising aspect to me (remember I didn't know much about Polish history other than 20th century) was the strong Central Asian influence especially in the armour. The day before we'd seen a number of people in armour and uniforms wandering around the city center and posing for tourists who looked almost like Mongols to us which we found strange but was then made clear that it was actually local.
We took a break from all the wandering around the castle and then visited the oldest part of the castle (the "Lost Wawel"). For the most part, this is a walkway suspended above excavated walls and ruins as well as cases with items found in the ruins from arrow heads to shoes.
When we came out the sun had come out and on the way to the baggage area (you couldn't take bags into most of the inside buildings) I retook a few photos as things looked even more impressive. Then we climbed up Sandomierska Tower from which we had an impressive view over the city.
We exited through the Dragon's Den, a natural cave underneath the castle, said to be the legend of a great beast that was slain by Krakus, the legendary founder of Krakow. Randomly, as we came down the winding staircase into the first chamber, a short old bearded man in chainmail came the other way who very much like the old Knight Templar guarding the grail in the third Indiana Jones film and pretty much all of us thought, 'Did I just see that?'.
Outside, beautiful weather over the Vistula greeted us as well as a multi-headed statue that actually breathed fire every few minutes. This was a bit hard to photograph in bright sunshine but I got a reasonable shot, even on the G10. There were enough parts of Wawel we didn't see so could easily have spent another day there but we wanted to see some more parts of Krakow and were slowly getting hungry again so we made our way into town again.
Stepped privies Wawel Wawel Fire-breathing Dragon!
Wawel Fancy gargoyle Wawel

We wandered back into the old town and then found a veritable heaven of meat in the shape of Miod i Wino. The menu outside had things like veal shanks and pork knuckles but we went for the Hunters Feast for 8 which included wild boar, deer pierogi, poached venison roulade, breaded pork, red cabbage, pearl barley, ghoulash, various gravies and potato dumplings. As a starter there was bread and lard with crispy bits which amused my Brit friends greatly but was something I was perfectly used to from Germany (we call it Griebenfett). The whole meal was like a journey into my youth in Germany as I couldn't actually remember the last time I had roast wild boar. Suffering from the meat sweats ([livejournal.com profile] raggedyman tweeted "We have managed to give ourselves meatpoisoning by having a "Hunters feast". Currently we are sweating gravy.") we staggered back past the cathedral to the Southern bit of the Jewish Quarter to Singer, a bar [livejournal.com profile] raggedyman had found during his research. It was dark and cosy and the smaller tables were all antique Singer sewing machines. Many a vodka, beer and Slivovitz (damson brandy) were had before we got taxis back to the hotel and ended the night in the hotel bar (which again stayed up a lot longer than advertised). I turned in around 11 as I wanted to pack in peace, shower, rehydrate and write a couple of postcards and was in bed just after midnight.
Bread and lard with crispy bits Hunters Feast Hunters Feast
Singer Singer Singer

Up at 6:45, I crawled out of bed and dressed and stumbled downstairs as I felt the weekend's excesses in my bones. Seeing an ambulance outside made the feeling even worse but thankfully none of us needed medical attention and everybody was ready when the taxis arrived to take us to the airport. Tiny as it is, getting through security/customs was rather quick and painless (although the guard looked at my passport/me a lot longer than the others') and as we had been early we had to wait for quite a while. Getting on the plane was more annoying as there was only one bus and by the time the other half of us got on there were seats but no space in the overhead compartments left so I had to squeeze my bag and jacket between my feet. However, we left on time and got to Stansted ahead of time (that fanfare is really annoying). Getting through passport control with a chipped passport was quick as well and we ended where we started at the Krispy Kremes stall until everyone had made it (the queue for standard passports was much longer). Then we split up again, Andy and I got a lift to Cambridge and I collapsed at home, catching up with internet and TV, reheated dinner and processed photos.

A very good weekend indeed and I definitely want to go back to Poland to discover more of this wonderful country. There are many more photos on flickr.
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So I'm finally awake enough to do this. I stayed far too long last night/this morning but for some reason I wasn't tired anymore and made a good headstart on the photos. So here goes.

I slept in, packed, got ready and took the train down to Stansted where the flight had a "short" delay of one hour. The flight itself was OK, though (having short legs helps on easyjet flights). As I had no luggage to claim I made it down to the station relatively quickly, too. I had to wait a bit for the next S-Bahn but the train/underground journey wasn't bad (about 45 mins). Another 10 mins walk (or even less) later and I was at Heidi's apartment building in central Munich. Many flights of stairs later (she lives right under the roof), I was greeted by her and Mithril and Smaug (her two kitties who thankfully accepted me immediately). By the time we'd caught up with the most important things it was 2am so we turned in. The sofa was very comfortable indeed so I slept as well as anywhere on the first night. It was also very quiet, despite being in central Munich but the street isn't a thoroghfare so there isn't much traffic.

I was woken around 8:30 by one cat using my arse as a springboard and the one pulling the duvet off me so I lounged around with and took a couple of photos of them until Heidi got up. The weather was perfect (warmish for the time of the year and sunny) so we had breakfast at a nice little cafe and then wandered around Munich a bit with another stop at one of Heidi's favourite cafe's for coffee and awesome cake. We wandered back, chilled a bit and then headed out to the Tollwood Festival which was less than 15 minutes' walk away (very handy!). We strolled around the stalls and marquees, had some organic mulled wine and a really nice Gyros for dinner. Then it was time to head to the Grand Chapiteau for the Tiger Lillies gig so I handed over my camera and we went separate ways.
The gig was fantastic. The TLs were on great form and the circus/freak acts really added to the experience. The trapeze double act during was eye-poppingly fantastic. Really really good.
The show was done around 10 so I walked back to Heidi's. I wasn't really up for anything else so we played on her PS3 until 2am. Turns out I seem to have a knack for playing evil Sith. ;)
I slept really well without interruption (not even the kitties woke me up) until it was simply too bright. We again went out for breakfast where I had an awesome Kaiserschmarrn (fluffy pancake) and then took the S-Bahn out to Ebersberg where Heidi's mum had a stall selling her awesome Platzerl (Christmas cookies). I got a very generous free sample and they really are excellent and almost too pretty to eat. We also walked around the town a bit and watched apprentices doing some impressive smithing at the market.
After taking the train back, we relaxed a bit, looked through the photos and played with the kitties (or rather, Heidi did and I took photos). Afterwards, we had very nice Thai dinner at the Lotus Lounge, walked to the next underground station and went our separate ways. Getting to the airport and through customs/security was quick and easy but getting on the flight was a bit obnoxious and the flight was delayed by almost half an hour (without explanation/apology this time). Then again this meant I didn't have to wait for the train in Stansted and I got an immediate and fast connection to Cambridge and the first taxi so I was home just before midnight.

It was a very good and relaxing weekend.
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I have found a wireless connection, heehee.
I'm in Glastonbury and it's been a good day. The drive over was reasonably pleasant, a bit of traffic to St. Neots and some stoppage later on but all in all it was plain sailing. After an involuntary circuit of Glasto (the first and only time I got lost) I found Silver St. but nobody was home at the B&B! A phonecall determined that the landlady had to go out and would be back in half an hour. Well, it was more than that so I finally checked in at 5, dropped my bags and headed up to the Tor. The later afternoon sun provided perfect light as I climbed up the rather steep slope. A bit hazy but good views all round. Well worth the effort. By the time I came down I was starving so walked around town until I found a place called Hawthorne's where I had a reasonable pan fried trout in caper butter and a gorgeous ginger&apple pudding with ice cream, all washed down with a pint of local cider that went straight to my legs. I had originally wanted to go to another pub afterwards but I was just feeling tired so I went to my room.
I'm now watching The Apprentice while looking at today's photos, then I'll have a shower, watch Dexter and then I'll go to bed. Early night needed for more tourism tomorrow but at least I don't have far to drive.

Back home

27 Oct 2007 02:39 pm
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Feeling kind of woozy as I couldn't really sleep on the plane (slept more on the coach from Gatwick) but awake enough to not want to crawl to bed straight away. Flight was OK though and Die Hard 4.0 is very cool.
Need to do some shopping now and I'll see some of you tonight.

Back home

12 Jul 2007 11:15 pm
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Travel was quite easy today. Train to Nuremberg, where I met with an old mate who joined me in CD, comic and games shopping (list to come) and general chitchat and then gave me a lift to the airport. Flight was a little bit delayed and there were rather long queues at passport control so i missed the train I had intended to get but there was another one half an hour later. The chavs in first class (sometimes I wish there were more ticket controls) playing awful music really loudly got on my nerves but thankfully they got off reasonably early.

Now to relax a bit, catch up on email and LJ and then go to bed reasonably early.
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Bookmark this website for off-beat tourist attractions for your US road trip in October.
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- Yay! No more size restrictions for hand luggage, I can take my camera/laptop bag!
- Have thought about what to take in hand luggage: D80, new 18-50mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 2x teleconverter (I'm likely to take either panorama shots or close-ups so won't need the missing 20mm and the Sigma wide-angle zoom is faster than the kit lens), laptop to keep weight down. Anything else can go into checked luggage. Will probably not take the backup body but rely on the Fuji should the worst happen.

- Has anyone had any bad experiences with London City Airport?
None of the acceptable airlines in Standsted go to Frankfurt's main airport and I rather spend some time getting there and BA are usually nice. Good thing the flight leaves Frankfurt in the evening (6:30) so I can get to London just after rush hour.

- Mustn't forget chargers and plugs, blank DVDs for backups
- Need to do some outdoor shopping. Need some more microfibre underwear, a rainproof hat, a fleece, new gloves etc. Good thing it's Antarctic summer and we won't go much further South than the polar circle so I won't need any harsh winter stuff I'd never be able to use again. RAin/waterproof is much more important and I can borrow my dad's Goretex trousers.
- Will probably have to test-pack suitcase a few times.
- With the long flights and waiting times, I'll finally be able to get through my reading backlog. While on the ship, I'll probably either be gazing at the sea, processing photos or listen to a scientific talk or info show.
- Want to read up on Santiago and Buenos Aires for things to do and see (we have a few hours each to explore) and obviously Antarctica, too. We'll get swamped with info, talks and things on the ship but some more prior knowledge than what I have would be good.
- Hopefully the onboard net cafe won't be too expensive and allow me to upload photos to flickr via USB key.

Only a bit over two months to go!!! :o)
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After a few delays and about an hour of agony due to stomach/bowel cramps caused by trapped wind, I'm finally back home.

It's been a fantastic weekend that involved meeting old friends, witnessing a wonderful handfasting ceremony with a good party afterwards, seeing various bits of Glasgow and the countryside, meeting new people and making new friends and a long and nice night out.

Thanks are in order:
Firstly, to [livejournal.com profile] rich_redcap and [livejournal.com profile] fithefairie for the invitation and assorted friends of theirs for making stuff happening.
And also to [livejournal.com profile] sublevel3 for crash and company plus [livejournal.com profile] lavindelf and her bloke [livejournal.com profile] fossilised for the tour of the countryside on Saturday. Meeting [livejournal.com profile] purplehez, [livejournal.com profile] anyanka_demon and Andy was great, too. And [livejournal.com profile] purplehez, we need to chat more about medieval music next time, ideally when we aren't drunk/tired. :o)

There will be a small photo preview later this evening.
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I surfed around a bit on the page for the Antarctic cruise (the one I'm going to take is underway currently) and there's a webcam on the ship and you can see its position on Google Maps, too.
So, same time next year, you can always see where I'll be. :o)

I'll be trying to find some English info on the cruise soon. There were people from all over the world on the ship so that info should be available elsewhere.
AFAIK, I'll also be able to update LJ but depending on costs, I might keep that to a minimum. Ultra cool would be if I could upload photo previews...
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Left at about 12:15 as all Central trains to Stansted had been canceled and I had to take the long train via Bishop's Stortford. Got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, only to find out that my flight had been rescheduled to 15 minutes later.
Just as I was about to go through security my mum phoned to say that they had arrived safely from the Antarctic. Yay!
Killed time by browsing around the shops, having lunch at the seafood bar, almost buying a ticket to win that gorgeous DB9 (which was lovely but had a very wrong colour) and reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel.
Boarding was delayed as well but the flight itself was uneventful.
Met parents who had a lovely tan and had not only a fantastic time but fantastic weather, too, and PENGUINS! My mum said "We were only allowed to get within five metres of them". Only! I would have been happy with 50 metres! [livejournal.com profile] silja and [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke, you really need to do this, the official Antartic passport stamp has penguins on it, too.
The drive home was slow as some parts were quite snowy but we got home safely at around 9:30 local time.
Chatting about the Antarctic and general catching up while munching on gingerbread.
First proper day of holiday tomorrow!
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[livejournal.com profile] fried_chicken brought over [livejournal.com profile] anwen_swift and we had loads of fun taking photos. The "little 'un" is a natural model and likes to pose. She just needs to work on her attention span. It was a great but tiring experience.
Went with [livejournal.com profile] fried_chicken on a quest to find take-away for lunch on a Sunday. Eventually we did and the Shish Kebab was enormous and very good, especially at that price (£3.90).
Then said good-bye to the visitors, packed the car and waited for Sami's text so I could go to Urmston and pick him up from the station.
Took the A628/A1 route back which was a lot less busy than the M6 so eventually got back at a quarter past seven.

Just downloading the photos to my PC and then an early night. I'm knackered but happy.

Many thanks again to my gorgeous models!


25 Nov 2005 12:59 pm
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The snow is here already. Doesn't look like it's settling, though so the roads should be fine.
Will take the M6 because I don't think Woodhead Pass will be a good idea. If it's snowing at sea level, there's probably a blizzard up there so they might close it, anyway.

Now let's hope there won't be any fuckwit drivers. I'll be setting off in about an hour.
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Packed stuff into rucksack (the yet unused compartments in the photo bit are great for CDs) and my suitcase, made sure I hadn't forgotten anything, relaxed a bit and chatted for a while before going on another tram/S-Bahn trek. [livejournal.com profile] lsur put me on the right train and stayed on for a stop, we said good-bye. Watched a pro photographer (I assume he was considering the equipment he was carrying, including a graphite Manfrotto monopod) reading (women's) magazines. First I thought he was looking at ads and similar photos for inspiration but I think he was actually a paparazzo as he flicked through the mags until he found random celeb photos and then checked the photo credits.
I then realised that someone had left their shopping (two jars of sliced garlic, a cucumber, a corn cob, two onions) on the seat to my left. They were of no use to me on the flight so I left them where they were.

Got to Schönefeld, went through the first security check and found that there were no seats in the check-in lounge and the Ryanair one would only open 45 mins later. So I went back out, found a seat and read a bit. Checked in and went through the tightest security control ever. Despite the thing not beeping, I was still padded down with the hand sweeper, had to open my belt and whatnot. The lady at the conveyor belt then wanted to see my camera gear and was amazed at the amount of CDs I had with me.
No problems, though, so I got through eventually. Found a seat and watched people a bit, including a young couple whose language I couldn't figure out. They looked (Northern) European but didn't sound like anything I've heard before. I didn't ask them but I assume they were from somewhere in the Baltic states.
Then I remembered I could buy a music and photography mag or two, picked up a Sonic Seducer with CD (superb selection!) but they didn't have any photography mags.
Eventually the gate was called and I marched over. Another passport control and again at the gate and another 40 minutes of waiting and we finally were on the plane. On time, too.
Flight was reasonably quiet but I couldn't get comfortable. I wonder how taller/bigger people than I cope with Ryanair seats...
It was a long walk from the gate to the terminal but at least that meant I got to the luggage carousel just when the bags started to appear. Mine came up pretty quickly so I grabbed it and made my way to the coach station. As luck wanted it, I had missed the coach by 10 minutes and had to wait for another 50 minutes. At least there were free seats in the waiting lounge. Got on the bus, got off, grabbed taxi, crawled inside and collapsed.
Managed a weak "I'm back" LJ post and download the photos but that was it.
Still shattered this morning.

All in all, it was a tiring but fantastic short break. I like Berlin and if there was an opportunity to go there for a job, I'd grab it immediately.
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As I had managed to go to bed just before 9, getting up at a bit after 2 wasn't too bad. Had breakfast, got ready and took taxi to Drummer St.
The coach was quick and the check-in queue was short so I had some time to kill which I spend having another breakfast and reading. Boarding involved the usual hecticness with Ryanair but the flight itself was fine, even if the seats weren't really comfortable. It was a bit wet in Berlin but at least the main queue for passport control was inside but long. Because of that long wait, my luggage had arrived by the time I got to luggage claim and [livejournal.com profile] lsur was waiting outside, too.
We took the S-Bahn in and only had to change once to a tram. [livejournal.com profile] lsur's flat is literally around the corner from the tram stop and has various other amenities (like a baker's where we picked up some cake) nearby, too. Met two of his flatmates, Miran(sp?) and Dean(sp?). It's a huge place with huge rooms (formerly a factory/warehouse building) and quite cool, actually, just a bit unfinished.
Got settled in, chatted a bit and then headed out. My first object was shopping so we went to find the record shops I mentioned on Friday, found that another one mentioned in the guide book had disappeared but the final one was still there and boy was it good.
It's in Haus Schwarzenberg, which houses various historic exhibitions, art projects and other stuff, including Neurotitan, a combined book/comic/record/stuff shop with attached gallery.Neurotitan ). The rest of the house is very interesting as well, quite dilapidated but still maintained. There are two very odd mechanical sculptures in the courtyard (photos forthcoming). Very interesting, you could probably spend a day exploring it all, if you wanted to see all the exhibitions and projects.
Then there was more exploring of Berlin (Museumsinsel, Berliner Dom, former GDR Palast der Republik and then towards Alexanderplatz. We were both quite hungry at that point so we thought some typical traditional German fare would be exactly the right thing to get us through the long night ahead and it was. We both had game ([livejournal.com profile] lsur wild boar and I a "Hubertus-Pfanne" with roast deer and boar, both with all the trimmings and a nice dark beer to wash it down with. Well sated and satisfied, we walked around Alexanderplatz for a bit made our way back to the flat to rest a bit and then get changed to go out.

to be continued
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Just a quick hello from a cyber cafe.
I made it all right to Stansted and the Ryanair flight was even 10 minutes early in Berlin! There was a very long queue at passport control, though.
Outside luggage reclaim, [livejournal.com profile] lsur was waiting with a handwritten sign. ;o)
We took first the S-Bahn and then the tram to [livejournal.com profile] lsur's flat and relaxed for a bit. Met briefly three of his flatmates and then headed out.
Found a fantastically obscure record shop called Das Drehmoment (opposite the Out of Line shop in Lychener Str.) which had many obscure CDs and LPs, incl. classic industrial like Nitzer Ebb and Throbbing Gristle on vinyl... Bought three obscure CDs there and two bargain ones at OoL as they didn't take credit cards (gorram Germans!).
Some more exploring now and then K17 tonight!

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