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When Outcasts was first announced, I had high hopes for this original (as in produced by the Beep, not in the sense of an original idea) Sci-Fi series on the BBC because the trailers looked good and the premise interesting if basic (after Earth goes boom, colonists find a new home on another planet). What it turned out to be was a boring, turgid mess, stretched across eight episodes. The first half was shown at prime time on Mondays and Tuesdays but when the ratings dropped, the last episodes were shifted to Sunday nights at 10:30.
It wasn't quite as bad as The Deep (of which I only managed to watch two episodes) but it just wasn't exciting. I stuck with it because there was a little bit of plot in each episode that made me wanting to find out more. Now that it's over and there won't be a second series, I shouldn't have bothered because it ended in a cliffhanger that didn't resolve anything. None of the questions were answered and even more came up. Another problem was that I didn't really feel for any of the characters which is always a bad sign, the only exception was hate for the main baddie.

I think they could very easily have condensed the "plot" into two or three parts and it could have been an entertaining, brainless Sci-Fli flick.

The locations (filmed in South Africa) were stunning, though, and the production values reasonable (even if the guns looked like airsoft cast-offs), just a shame the rest was a waste.

In contrast, Marchlands on ITV about a haunted house, set in three time frames (60s, 80s and present day) was really rather good. Nothing really original there, either, but done well with some high suspense and some truly creepy moments and it all made sense at the end.

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