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Today I'm groaning a bit because the Tai Chi workshop I attended was the first one that actually caused slightly sore muscles most likely due to unfamiliar movements as we worked on a lot of advanced concepts. Some more info in this post.
Sunday morning was lovely and frosty so I ventured outside before breakfast (I had slept in the hall so was woken up when it got light) and took a few shots. Click on the pic for more:

I didn't actually take any photos during the workshop but have a few other shots of some food etc. behind the cut )

Then after cooking a quick dinner last night, I processed the photos, caught up with LJ and emails, watched Supernatural and was in bed before midnight. Slept like a log and really didn't want to get up this morning.

First session of [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke's new Call of Cthulhu campaign tonight, yay. Let's see how much SAN we can lose in the introduction. ;o)
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and not just frosty but really nice, too. Usually I don't get much chance photographing frost because I either don't have the time because I need to go to work or I'm not up that early. These were taken 8ish this morning outside the centre in Colchester.


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