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I was utterly exhausted last night, didn't even cook and was just able to move enough to use the remote and switch DVDs (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] ebb!). By midnight, I couldn't even concentrate on Babylon 5 anymore (The Coming of Shadows is indeed a fine episode and as things go on I can see the appeal and it saddens me that my watching was interrupted my moving to the UK, missing a whole season) Anyway, midnight rolled along and I went to bed and ... couldn't sleep. So I got up again after a while, switched the laptop.

Amanda Palmer twittered the following:

- just passed a group of berklee summer music students on mass ave & got accosted. one of them is named Tristan and is an aspiring......pianist and songwriter. he asked if I would listen to his songs if he could wrangle a practice room. i said yes and we went inside......but berklee closed the practice rooms for the day. so I'm taking him and his two school friends from Mexico to my house. I have a piano.
- here;s tristan at the piano. i think we maybe have to webcast this shit http://twitpic.com/2eg9d2

And she did and he was indeed amazing. He played one of his own compositions, then a four handed duet with Amanda, then some random bits , another duet in which he played a toy piano better than Amanda played the real one and a final improvised four handed duet with Amanda. It was fantastic. This shy, quiet guy - the complete opposite personality wise to AFP - turned into this wizard on the piano, playing all kinds of wonderful music.

He has a myspace but he isn't happy with it. Still, it should give you a rough idea of his music.

Archived webcast:

I love the future of communication we live in. This isn't even high tech, it's webcast from a Macbook using a free webcast/streaming service everyone can access.

Now to see if I can rescue this wasted Saturday (I did go to sleep a bit after three and finally got up just after 2), still exhausted so I'm going to attempt another early night tonight.

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