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At least that's what I thought when I watched the Planet of the Dead trailer.
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I'm watching The Invasion of Time (or trying to watch without fits of giggles). Now I know where the Doctors' rather unusual ways of dressing comes from. The Doctors (especially 9 and 10) dress absolutely conservatively to the Gallifreyans. The customes range from uniforms which are a mishmash of various period Earth pieces to the downright ridiculous (think a mix between the costumes in Ming's court in the 80s film version of Flash Gordon and the Dune miniseries from a few years ago - the taller the hat the more important the wearer). One episode in, I still have no idea what's going on, either because I haven't seen enough Who to understand what they're on about or because it's meant that way.
At least I now know where [livejournal.com profile] borusa got his name from. ;o)
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because every time the Top Gear muppets mispronounce Davos (the emphasis is on the second syllable and it's a long o sound), I hear Davros.
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So I just started watching "The Invasion" to find that the first episode was animated while the second is live action. Did they do this regularly in the earlier days?
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I just started watching The Caves of Androzani and one of the characters is using this wonderful prop:

I thought, hang on, that's exactly the remote for the TV my gran used to have, I recognised it immediately.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] pmoodie, I understand your infatuation with Peri now. ;o)
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This week I watched "Horror at Fang Rock" (very silly!) and last night "The Hand of Fear" (which I quite enjoyed. I'm glad that Sarah Jane Smith later developed a better dress sense *shudder*).
According to Lovefilm, I should have "Destiny of the Daleks" tomorrow.

I will also get "Dragons of Autumn Twilight", the Dragonlance "animated film" which I foolishly added to my list. I've only read bad reviews, especially about the production "values" but I want to see for myself. I really enjoyed the books and there's something intriguing about Kiefer Sutherland doing Raistlin's voice. Oh well, we'll see.
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In my attempt to try to get into old Doctor Who, I'l be renting a number of DVDs that are available on lovefillm.com.
I already watched Genesis of the Daleks and enjoyed it (how does Tom Baker not trip over that scarf of his?).

So, old Who fans, which episodes would you recommend?
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Up until this evening, I've been mildly peeved with the negativity with which various classic Who fans were moaning about the new series because I quite enjoyed most of it. Then again, I didn't grow up with Dr Who as the old series were never shown in Germany (no idea why, as other TV series like HHGTTG did make it over) so I'm missing most of the background and don't get the "it used to be so much better in the old days" thing. Tonight, though, things changed )
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That was quite fun, actually.
Stupid question? How old is Donna's granddad? She's what, 40? I'm 38 and both my grandfathers would be over 100 years old now. He didn't look older than 80.

ETA: I am perfectly aware that it's perfectly physically possible (both being born when their mothers were 20), I just find it unusual.


31 Mar 2007 07:43 pm
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Doctor, that is )
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Win a real Dalek!
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[livejournal.com profile] lark_ascending just found Dalek Mood Icons.

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