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or not.
So for my birthday I thought I treat myself to some high class grub and booked a table at Restaurant 22 which has various rewards and good reviews. I was, especially considering the price tag, quite disappointed.

I had the leek and sorrel tart, which only tasted of leek but the carrot salad was nice, then the sardines because the idea was nice and wasn't bad but I've had fresher fish from supermarket counters; the mixed leaf salad was rather nice, actually, but the potato crisp thing on top was too salty; the roasted sea perch was well cooked, meaty, flaky and juicy but flavourless, the tart was OK but too tiny and the three pieces of veg were a bit rubbish, too but at least had bite; the raspberry souffle was undercooked and still liquid in the middle but by the time I just wanted to leave so didn't complain as it was tasty enough.
One thing I couldn't fault was presentation, good layout on nice white, simple and clean V&B tableware (incidentally, the only thing I complimented on).

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad but for this sort of money (46.25 incl. a half bottle of Pinot but excl. service) I expect a lot more flavour and especially harmonising flavour. I hoped it would be similar to Bridgent's in New Orleans (the finest meal I've ever had so far) but no such luck.
I guess I'll have to try the Pink Geranium next...

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