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After a delayed start (*shakes fist at [livejournal.com profile] raggedy_man's parents), we set off at about 10:45 and it was all plain sailing down the M11 and around the M25 until about a junction or so before the M1, where it was stop and go for a while. We then left at Junction 18 to avoid any further delays and made it to the Moathouse rather quickly, with only one short detour, at about 14:45 (we had an half hour food break in between).
Met Chris G and [livejournal.com profile] danfossydan outside who showed us the way to the nightclub bit, got confused inside but eventually found our way upstairs. Said Hi to a lot of people I hadn't seen in ages, signed in and had a look around. The light in play area of the main room was, unfortunately, quite bad so my original plan of taking loads of portrait type shots with the big lens failed and I had to resort to the 50mm for most of the time. Not to bad for Requiem because the pictures are going to get blurred, anyway, but not so good for Mage. I did use the Sigma a lot upstairs, though. Still managed to get a few reasonable shots, at least in the side room with the windows. Too bad I only found the upstairs bit after Mage so I don't have any photos from that. :o(
Bought some food at ASDA and continued to take photos throughout Requiem with a few OK results, I think. I should have taken my flashgun but with camera and lenses plus two folders of CDs, I was pretty packed already...
Took a break from photography when the resident DJ turned up to run us through his temporary setup (which was still better than anything I used before, and there was actually room to move and store stuff in the DJ booth).  I still can't decide whether he was cool or a bit of an arrogant prat but he was certainly very knowledgeable about it, especially the technical and soundengineerin side of it. Wouldn't mind learning proper DJing from him, being a professional DJ and all that (having played at Ministry of Sound, Ibiza and whatnot, allegedly or not).
Although the majority of players left after time out, we still had a reasonable number of people during the whole gig and it was a lot of fun. One thing to remember for next time, though: Most Cammies seem to be rockers and metalheads, though as the industrial and bleepy stuff didn't have much response. Oddly, the dancefloor was well filled during ASP but empty during Killing Miranda.
my setlist with gaps as towards the end I stopped writing )
Packed, said goodbye to the remaining people and set off. Were home about 1h45min later, a new record, and that was including a five minute break.

There will be a photo preview this evening, the full set will have to wait for a few weeks as I need to work on my backlog, though.

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