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As many have said, not perfect but good enough. Some excellent set pieces, some slow parts, especially at the end.

Now either I'm just dumb or too tired but one question remains )
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What a monologue. That has to be up there with Batty's "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe" bit from Bladerunner... At the very least it's one of the best bits of SciFi ever.
I wonder if anyone has youtubed this. Yes, indeed. Do not click if you haven't seen the latest episode yet!
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Fracking hell, that was a finale. I've been catching up by renting the DVDs and at first the season left me a bit cold but it picked up a lot towards the middle. So then there's Razor (which they kept showing bits of on SciFi channel when I was in the US last month and I had to switch channels because I hadn't seen S3 yet) and then the final season. Let's hope they stay with that decision and don't drag it out like they're doing with Lost.
Spoilerific thoughts )
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Margaret Weis Productions to make BSG RPG.
I wonder if that one will have a character sheet?

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