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Finished the lot last night. Considering the lighting conditions, the low stage and not being able to move around much during RB and TLD, I'm very happy with these. You can see all of them on flickr but here's a selection.

Fire and Forget )

Rome Burns )

The Last Dance )
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I think they upgraded their lighting rig since the last time I was there because there was actually reasonable (ambient) light so it was actually possible to take a few shots without slow flash.
Fire&Forget sounded tighter than at the cellar bar and were very enjoyable. Good crowd response, too so go you guys!
Rome Burns were fab as always and the preview of the new material makes me really look forward to the new album.
I hadn't really heard The Last Dance before (having had to leave before they came on at the Marquee gig), just the snippets from their myspace but I really liked them and they seem to be a nice bunch of people, too. So, all in all a very enjoyable evening with great music and great people (always good to see [livejournal.com profile] neilh, who I hadn't seen in ages as well as [livejournal.com profile] littlelightbulb and a rather mad [livejournal.com profile] lupie_stardust).

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Thank you for all the comments on the seafood question. Curiously, those who tend not to include fish are either people I'd consider foodies or aren't English. Well, you never stop learning...

Yesterday I finished work bang on time and went to the VUE to watch 300. I enjoyed it for the visual experience but wished they'd cut out all the unnecessary bits (as many others have remarked). The scene in the wheat field at the end really irritated me, even more so than the other cutbacks to Sparta, they should have cut straight to the battle of the 10,000...

After the cinema I met up with [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke for some rather fine pub grub at the Tram Depot (huge plate of Steak, Ale and Mushroom pudding with a mound of lovely red cabbage and roast potatoes for 5.50) and a chat.

Then we walked over to the Cellar Bar 8 where they were still sound checking so we had to wait outside for at least 20 minutes.
It was my first time there and it's a nice enough place to hang out but there are better venues for gigs. The sound was pretty good but there were no lights whatsoever (as opposed to the dim ones at the MotM) so I had to use flash for my photos.

Fire and Forget played a cool set and seemed to be enjoying themselves and the audience, while small, loved it, too, excellent. They certainly have potential and I wish them all the best!

Then, Victory Pill, bouncy, fun, moving whateveryoucallitthese days rock. I really enjoyed them although it's not really my kind of music.

My new earplugs worked so I don't have buzzing ears but I still want properly fitted ones and the ones I got muffle the sound too much (but not as much as foam ones would), I want some that are properly attenuating.

As I was feeling really tired (had just over four hours sleep the night before), I didn't go along to the Calling but home instead. I was still buzzying from the gig when I was home, though so I played around with my new brollies a bit and edited a short photo preview of the gig.

Now I'll have just enough time to take a relaxing shower, watch a DVD, get dressed and then head out for a fine meal.
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Wow, and I thought the MotM was bad in terms of available light...
So here are a few crap, mostly flash lit shots. The best light was when the strip in the back of the stage was still on during VP...

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