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We arrived in Puerto Natales ahead of schedule and received permission to land from the port authorities sowhoever wanted could go down to Deck 2 to be shipped out on one of the small Polarcirkel boats, each having room for eight passengers (four along each side) and a driver (the big ship couldn't dock at the pier). They're quite slick boats with a powerful outboard engine and the drivers really know how to control them. On the way over there the sea was very calm so getting on from the ship (over a small gangway) and off at the pier wasn't a problem at all.
I wandered around the town for a while, first along the harbour and then criss-crossing through town, taking a few pictures on the way until I found what I had been looking for, a small, cosy bodega where I joined two of my shipmates for a meal of wonderful, fresh and tasty king crab, the local specialty and afterwards a round of Pisco Sour, the national drink/cocktail.

The ride back in the little boat was much more exciting as the weather had turned so the sea was quite choppy which didn't perturb the driver at all and he skimmed over the waves at full speed. Much more fun and everyone said "Again! Again!".

Now I'm going to get stuff ready for tomorrow and turn in as it's an early (breakfast at 6am) start for a day tour to the Torres del Paine National Park. Let's hope the weather holds.

Update on the day tomorrow night.

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