9 Mar 2009 09:45 pm
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Seared tuna steaks on creamed leeks and chard with new potatoes. "Recipe" on flickr (click the big pic)

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Thick Chard and Leek Soup

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Based on an idea by *gasp* Antony Worrall Thompson but with my own twist.
Cut the stalks from the chard leaves and chop them finely.
Slice the leeks finely.
Chop some garlic.
Heat a generous glug of olive oil and a big knob of butter in a large saucepan on medium heat, add the above, stir for a while then cover, reduce the heat a bit and stirring occasionally, cook until tender.
Dust with flour and stir until a light roux forms in the fat.
Fill up with milk and bring to the boil, add half a vegetable stock cube, season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg and simmer until thickening slightly.
Stir in a handful of grated mature cheddar until melted.
Finally, put in the chopped chard leaves, cover, turn off the heat and let steam for a few minutes until the chard has wilted.
Combine and serve with boiled new potatoes ([livejournal.com profile] nannyos this week).

There's enough left for lunch and dinner tomorrow but I had to use up the chard in one go. It shrinks like spinach, though.
That adds green veg to my daily consumption and almost accomplishes proper five a day (no purple but that's difficult).
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Chard leaves, cut into chunks
a good handful of podded broad beans
potatoes, cut into chunks and parboiled to not quite tender
streaky bacon, cut into bits
onions, sliced finely
garlic, finely chopped
a good olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coarse sea salt, freshly ground white pepper

Put a large, heavy nonstick frying pan on medium heat and cook out the streaky bacon, add the onions and garlic and fry those for a while. Add the potatoes and fry the lot for about five minutes or until the potatoes are tender. Meanwhile, steam/microwave the broad beans for about three minutes and then add them and any liquor to the pan. Mix thoroughly. Put the chard on top, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and season with sea salt and white pepper. Put a lid on and let the chard wilt, about three minutes. Mix again and turn out on a plate. Yum.
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Many thanks for your answers to my earlier question!
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Scary box arrived today containing chard, green cabbage (scarily big head!), huge carrots that look more like turnips shape-wise, potatoes, swedes and onions.
I figured the chard would probably perish first so I cut out the white bits and chopped those finely and cut the green leaves into chunks.
In a saucepan with a generous amount of olive oil, I sauteed four  gloves of garlic, a small onion, a chunk of ginger and the chard whites (all finely chopped) until everything softened. Add a small cup of cream, season with salt and pepper and bubble for a bit. Stir in the chard leaves, turn the heat down, cover and let sit  for a few minutes. They really won't need long, just warm through and wilt a bit, you still want some bite.

I orignally wanted to make rice with this but had to realise I had run out so I made some mash with a couple of potatoes and one of the swedes.
It was lovely indeed and looked like this:

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I didn't have any parsley, otherwise I would have added some green to the mash.

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