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10 May 2011 11:17 am
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Simpsons)
Oh my, where to begin.
I got into town reasonably early so decided to have a drink at the Eagle first when I ran into [livejournal.com profile] the_elyan who was also in town to see it so we had a quick half chatting about holidays before we headed to the bustling Arts Theatre.
When I booked last week I was randomly assigned a seat in the front row (rather far to the left but still OK to see everything on stage) so I was almost in the middle of the action.
I don't want to give anything of the plot away so I'll just pass on some impressions. The fact that the puppeteers (who were also the actors) were in plain sight on stage is something that shouldn't quite work but it did and there were scenes in which I completely blanked out the actors (obv. not the three human characters) but as [livejournal.com profile] the_elyan said, it was also great to compare the puppets' expressions with those of the actors.
In terms of puppetry, I was particularly impressed with the puppets that required two people (one arm each) running and dancing across the rather cramped stage.

The whole thing was very enjoyable, well acted, well sung, funny, rude, thought-provoking and sad. When I wasn't laughing I had a huge grin on my face. I didn't regret one single penny of the 35 pounds I paid for the ticket.

It's on in Cambridge until the 14th, you might still be able to get a ticket. The production is still touring so they might be somewhere near you (in the UK).

PS: I want one of those singing boxes. Genius design.

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