10 Sep 2006 04:02 pm
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As I again didn't go to bed on time Friday night (I really need to get better at this) I only got up a bit after 11, did some shopping but was too apathetic to anything constructive so just relaxed until it was time to go into town. I needed to pick up a Borders voucher as bday present for someone at work and then made my way to the Grafton Centre for Tai Chi Awareness Day.
Unfortunately, I don't have many photos as I was either taking part in the demonstration myself or busy talking to people but there are a few:


Bigger and a few more )
Considering what the same event usually looks like in Toronto (where the headquarters of the TTCS is), it was pathetic but it was literally just a few members (mostly instructors and a few long-timers) from the Cambridgeshire branch and, most importantly, we had a spot with a lot of public traffic and there were many people who were interested in what we were doing (except for a bunch of disruptive chav kids, good thing we're peaceful...) and some even made a genuine offer to join in. All in all I think it was a success, if we get 10% of the people who picked up a flier actually make it to a class, we'll be happy. ;o)

Back home, I cooked dinner (lamb chops, creamy cabbage and leeks and new potatoes) and then went off to the Holloway flat for a few hours of relaxed chatting and hanging out.
For those of you not yet aware of [ profile] jholloway's Gonzo History Project, it's an irregular blog picking a random person or event from history and giving it the Gonzo treatment. It's a damn fine read and a good laugh to boot (if my history teachers had been like that, I might have been a little more interested) and I urge you all to have a look.
As it's on blogspot and most of you are on LJ, I created a feed for it: [ profile] gonzohistory. Add it to your friends page now!

I also finished processing the Airsoft Photos! There will be a photobox account sometime later this week, too so you can order prints if you like.

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