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which seems to be doing the trick, I just need a bigger space and a continuous white backdrop...
This was dinner tonight. Basically, some sort of ratatouille, no recipe (onions, garlic, veg and potatoes in tomato sauce).


Bigger and some tech info for the geeks )
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After having covered fast short and long zooms and a very fast prime lens, I'm in the market for a prime macro/short telephoto lens.
I've collected two choices:
Nikon Micro 85mm f1.8
Sigma 105mm f2.8
The price range is the same (and within my budget) but the former would have the advantage of being faster for low light situations (gigs etc.).

Any suggestions, experiences, tips? Cheers!
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As I said earlier, it feels nice and solid, despite being plastic. The buttons are all in the right places, although some have moved around a bit from the D70 but that's not much of a problem. The autofocus seems nice and fast, although I had problems focussing through some leaves even with single area selected. I haven't cross-tested this with the D70, though.
The shutter/mirror mechanism feels and sounds more solid than that of the D70.

The Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 is really nice, too and seems very sharp across the range.

Stupid SD card reader doesn't work on my work machine (W2K says Insert Disk into drive x) and the reference machine with XP says the drive isn't formatted, so I can't show you any photos. :o( They look rather nice on the big LCD, though.

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