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Fireworks was quite good. Our view was slightly diminished as that copse of trees between us and the area has grown quite a bit so we couldn't see the bits that were rather low in the sky. Also it wasn't quite dark enough yet so there wasn't much contrast. I took quite a few photos but only some came out (oddly enough the ones with the long lens had less jitter than the ones with the short lens). The wobbly table I put the gorillapod on didn't help.

Editing photos on this laptop is a chore (not enough oomph and not enough memory) so I'll most likely re-edit quite a few when I'm back in CB.

Here's a small collection from the day. Might do a few fireworks ones as well (unless the laptop falls over completely).

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Late this morning I went to the fairground for the Frühschoppen (roughly translated: morning drink), had a few bites to eat and then watched the parade. Afterwards, I watched some of the games and walked around a bit more but then walked home. I'll sit in the garden a bit and read the rest of my book, maybe have a nap and then go into town for the closing ceremony, then to the fairground for grub and some more fun.

Stupidly, I can't take any more photos because both batteries I had with me are dead and I didn't bring a charger. Bah.

I do have some photos I took of the Ehekarussell, a big fountain in Nuremberg. Click the thumb to get to the flickr set.
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Trundled over to the fairground and walked around a few times, had some grub, took some photos and caught up with a few old school friends. Pleasant evening, the weather held and it was neither too cold nor too warm. A few photo impressions:


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More when I'm back home and have a decent computer with a proper screen and Lightroom.
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On Monday evening, I had quick dinner at home and walked into town centre for the closing ceremony. I found a spot which I thought to be rather ideal to take photos of the mayor's balcony from until two people in front of me took their kids onto their shoulders, blocking my view. As I was already in the crowd, I couldn't move so sadly, no photos from there, except for a few shots of the balloons flying off into the distance.

After the ceremony, I followed the masses to the fairground and found a good spot to take photos of the Spielmannszug (a traditional marching band) riding on the kids' merry-go-round, which is always good fun. It was a bit shorter than usual, though, so as I switched cameras to take a short video, they stopped. :o(

Walked around the fairground a bit, ate a skewer of strawberries coated in dark chocolate and ran into a friend. We chatted a bit while she waited for her pizza and we waited for our other friend to arrive. She did shortly after so we found a seat and caught up on life and things. Afterwards we strolled around the fairground a bit, bought some more food and then saw Astrid off as she had to get up early the next morning. Bubble and I then took a ride on the ferris wheel which was perfect timing as the sun had just set and there was some great light.
Afterwards, we sat in the wine garden and chatted about things, me mostly about Antarctica. :o)

Just before midnight, I said good-bye, walked home and spent a few hours making a photo preview and wasting my parents' money online.

Tuesday was lazy day, slept in, had lunch, finished the photo preview (now online on flickr) and took a long nap.
After dinner, I gave my parents a quick introduction to laptop, PC and Word *groan*), then watched some interesting TV and came online to upload photos, chat with [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_jones and catch up with LJ and email.
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Perfect view of the fireworks last night from our terrace but it wasn't ideal for taking photos, sadly. Did take a nice one of the sunset half an hour earlier, though.

I would make a photo post from yesterday but this connection is too slow and expensive to make it worthwhile so I suggest you click the thumbnail for the flickr stream:

Lots of photos of the parade and some of the games and general goings-on. This stream will be expanded as I go along so check back tomorrow.

What I also wanted to show is my parents' refurbished house. Completely new outside and new windows (except the awkwardly shaped ones in the attic).

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Today, I went to the morning session of the fairground, eating white sausages and other grub, watched the parade again, taking more photos (to come) and came home.

Tonight is the closing ceremony and more fun at the fairground.
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Wandered around the fairground, the marquee and the outside sitting area a couple of times without meeting anyone, had a pair of Bratwürste for dinner, finally found my parents in the marquee so I could steal some beer.
Did run into two old schoolmates, a girl from primary and a bloke from middle school, as well as my "little" neighbour. With the exception of Claudia, none of them live in Selb anymore, either, but they'll always be back for the town festival.
Took some photos of rides and stuff which might be online later tonight.

The weather is perfect, too, warm and sunny, not too hot or cold. Let's hope it stays that way, at least for the parade and games tomorrow.


15 Jul 2005 01:16 pm
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Managed to get all my photos online during lunch:

Wiesenfest - Friday
Wiesenfest - Saturday
Wiesenfest - Sunday
Wiesenfest - Monday
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