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They say you should leave the best for last and I think I've just broken that rule. The Bluebird Cafe was on my high priority list to visit and as the time was just right for the first show and I wanted to eat something, anyway, I drove to Hillsboro. I think if you didn't have exact directions you'd never find it because it's a tiny store front tucked away in a retail park type street next to furniture shops, petrol stations and fast food joints. Not exactly an area where you'd expect the venue for up and coming as well as established songwriters. Many a big name in Nashville played here first, some even used to work there (like Alan Jackson as a barman). Ever since I'd heard Together at the Bluebird, the fantastic live album by Townes van Zandt, Steve Earle and Guy Clark, it had been my firm intention to go there if I ever ended up in Nashville and I managed it.di
It's really small, I'd say about 80 capacity (seated at tables, the bar or in the back on a couple of church pews) so no wonder the second shows are sold out quickly. The musicians sit in the centre, facing each other. On "In The Round" nights, it's usually four who sing a song each, going round the circle several times, from 6 to 8.

Tonight it was Teresa Wright (all her songs are sung by others on her myspace but she has a wonderful voice, too), Ben West, Todd Caudill and Dar Franz who I couldn't find online, except in reference to tonight. Each had a different style which kept interesting although it was just the artist with an acoustic guitar. Nothing else. The sound system is superb, too, especially considering the size of the place. A wonderful wonderful evening and a perfect start for my time in Nashville.

A small collection of photos which might give an idea of how great this place is:

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