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[livejournal.com profile] belak_krin reminded me that this LotR "fan film" is now online. It's set around the time of Aragorn's birth and basically follows

Now, fan films are more often than not quaint or vaguely amusing but generally rubbish. This certainly isn't rubbish. Considering this was basically shot in people's spare time with a tiny budget (something around 25K, apparently), this is remarkable. The acting is a bit wooden in places but the production values are fantastic. Great locations, really good costumes and excellent makeup/prosthetics (the orcs really wouldn't look out of place in Peter Jackson's films) and props. I want to rave about a specific bit of CGI that gives any BBC production a run for its money but I don't want to give it away as it's so remarkable, you have to see it for yourselves. They style and feel is reminiscent of Peter Jackson's trilogy and they've done a good job integrating that. Even the fight scenes can hold their own with any TV production.

Watch it here in all its HQ glory (embedded DailyMotion vid).


3 May 2009 09:21 pm
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The Hunt for Gollum is indeed very well made. I can't believe it was made with a budget of only 3.5K. The acting is quite reasonable, the fights are *really* good, costumes as well as orc makeup and prosthetics are very good, even the CGI is good, especially Gollum at the end. This is a lot better than some of the SciFi produced TV films which have a far higher budget. Those producers should look at how these people are doing things.
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Impressive, very impressive (looking trailer for a extremely low-budget fan film).

Mentioning LotR fan films, it looks like Born of Hope is going to come along this year, too.
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Some of the Cambridge film makers I did the extra work for last Saturday have a pet project:
Born of Hope, a what they call "LotR fan film" set in the time of Aragorn's childhood so in essence a prequel to FotR. Considering the budget (nil), it's very ambitious and they've produced an impressive trailer (youtube) already. If they can keep up the production values of that trailer, it's going to be rather fantastic, I think.
More production diaries etc. on youtube.

Speaking of Cambridge Filmmakers, I've just been offered more extras work on the 25th. :o)

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