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Breakfast Club. I watched it in Hughes' honour when I read about it last night.
I had a huge crush on Molly Ringwald when it came out but these days I'd prefer Ally Sheedy. :o)
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My first thought was "pelvis". How unimaginative.
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I was at work when somebody said, "Someone's hacked the CNN website and put up a spoof of the World Trade Center being hit by a plane" and it really looked like that, just one column of text and a blurry photo.
However, when none of the other news sites (US or otherwise) were working it became clear that it was real. The general reaction was just stunned incredulity.

A few days later, I suddenly was worried about my neighbour at the time who hadn't been home for some time. He worked at a law firm and I remembered him mentioning that they had an office in Manhattan which he would probably visit from time to time. Unfortunately, I had no contact details for him so just waited. He returned about a week later and it turned out he had been on holiday. After that we agreed we would always leave a note where we were going if we left for some time.

I completely ignored the paranoia and flew to LA six weeks later for my first ICC. The advantage was having a window row of seats for myself, the disadvantage was being greeted by soldiers with assault rifles everywhere although actual security hassle has been a lot worse in recent years than then.
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Several places. A large penthouse flat in Nuremberg, a nice big house with the best kitchen in Cambs with attached studio with the latest equipment and an endless supply of set dressings and props, and crashpads in London, Berlin and other major cities in the world I'd visit regularly.
I'd throw regular dinner parties for my friends and explore the world with my cameras.

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