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Er, embedding doesn't seem to work.

Ninch Inch Noëls

The Slip

6 May 2008 06:26 pm
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Interesting and utterly not what I excpected. More something to sit down and listen to (quite a few ambient tracks) than stomp around the dancefloor. I think I like it but that will need a few more listens, I think.
See some of you at the pub, I have no desire to cook tonight and I haven't seen you lot in ages.
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(for those on my f-list who haven't seen it)
That's right, Nine Inch Nails are offering their new album, The Slip, as utterly free download (various formats available. Sign up here.
Too bad I can't actually listen to it atm as I need sound for my current project.


23 Mar 2007 01:29 pm
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When you're googling for "Nine Inch Nails" and "Guns 'n' Roses", you get adverts for nailguns. ;o)

Unfortunately, I didn't find a review of the NIN/Skid Row/GnR gig in Mannheim in '91 (it having been before the widespread use of the internet), but I did find a quote by Trent Reznor on a forum ("after two minutes of playing, I realized what a terrible, terrible mistake I had made").
I wasn't really impressed, either (the sound was crap and at that time I was pretty much a hair rock enthusiast and had little love for industrial) but the rest of the audience were far less enthused and threw bottles and other crap (the bloke next to us lobbed a squashed banana all the way onto the stage, barely missing Trent, very impressive)

Later that day, Skid Row were drunk (or at least Sebastian Bach who fell of the stage at one point) but GnR played one hell of a blinding gig, that is still in my top ten ever list.

Anyway, so yay for Modulate doing better as support for VNV. ;o)

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