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14 May 2006 11:42 pm
karohemd: by sogoth.livejournal.com (Music)
was ace again. Damn fine gig and grooving!

The opening act, Abram Wilson & The Delta Blues Trio were superb, too. I need to put their album on my to-buy-list when it comes out in October.
They played a very modern and jazzy style of blues (especially in the vocals) but with loads of traditional elements. Abram Wilson (v, t) has a cool voice but plays the trumpet even better with a variety of styles and his band (a superb upright bass player, genius harp player and cool guitarist) complement his style perfectly.
For an opener band no one (or at least very few people in the audience) knew, they were extremely well received and rightly so. Abram then joined Dr John's set half way through which was damn cool and also necessary because Southern music is simply better with horns.

And then, Dr. John. As usual, the band got on stage first and then the man himself appeared, grooving along on his walking cane and this time wearing a bright orange zoot suit. Fab!
The gig was very similar to the one in London last year, with the rhythm section laying down a groove that made every bone in my body want to dance but the Corn Exchange was all seated! About half way through, the drummer made everyone stand up and dance, though, and this stayed until the end. My seat was in the third row and the seat directly in front of me was empty so the few couldn't have been better.

In the begining and the break after the support, i chatted to the bloke next to me for a while and made him jealous because I had been to New Orleans and he hadn't. Was cool. Oh, I was finally not the oldest audience member, again, but probably at or even lower than the average age.

A fine evening to end a superb weekend. And now to watch taped 24 before I fall into bed.

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