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please do your research properly. Quite a few items in your article about the Yorkshireman wanting to write a Bavarian dictionary are appallingly incorrect or at least one-sided, starting with calling the languages mentioned "Bayerische" and Hoch Deutsche" when it should be "Bairisch" and "Hochdeutsch".
ETA: Wow, I sent a site comment before I went for lunch and they corrected those two bits and a few typos I pointed out.

If you take the federal state of Bavaria as a whole, there is no common dialect, what he's talking about is the dialect spoken in Upper Bavaria, which is just one region. Southern and Northern Bavarian are completely different languages which in turn have countless local variations, then there's Franconian and Swabian (neither of which are Bairisch but spoken in Bavaria) as well as a few more minor dialects.

I wonder if everything else is so badly researched?
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Being bilingual 'protects brain' (BBC story)
The study mentioned sounds very similar to the one I took part in (I took similar tests to the ones described) and during which the MRI scan in my icon was taken. I really need to see if I can get in touch to see what the outcome of our study was.
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Who came up with the name of mincemeat for the filling of mince pies?
I could imagine some baker came up with the dried fruit/spice filling for a pie and then realised how similar it looked to the filling of a, say, shepherd's pie and said, let's call it mincemeat to confuse all the foreigners?

Update: Wow, that was quick. Thanks a lot!

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