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Nothing much to report because I was feeling mostly dead to the world. The only excitement was the Texas Chainsaw Orchestra gig Saturday evening.

[livejournal.com profile] robinbloke picked me up and drove us down to Redbridge where we took the tube to Kentish Town. After a quick snack at Subway (I had even failed to cook early dinner), we wandered down Kentish Town Road trying to find the Bullet Bar. The map I'd printed from google maps didn't seem quite right so we turned back until we finally found some numbers and realised we had gone in the right direction after all and only would have needed to go to the next corner to find it. It's a nice bar with plenty of seats around the edges, a well stocked bar, classic Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly blaring from the speakers and a good number of Rockabilly types in flattops and equivalent female dos in the audience.
The live setup, on the other hand, was a bit rubbish. The small stage wasn't that much of a problem (normally, at least, the TCO were stacked three deep) but there were basically no lights (just three weak spots on the right that only reached half of the stage) and they cranked up the system so high that the output was not only painfully loud but also horribly distorted. Two notches lower would still have been enough to hear without pain...
However, their set was a lot of fun, despite the cramped conditions. It was tricky to get anyone into a photo except the singers and occasionally one of the saxophonists but I think I made the best of it. Click the thumb to go to yesterday's photo post.

After a break which we spent outside to get some air and normalise our ears a bit, there was a skinny stripper (who was billed as a "Burlesque dancer" but both the music and the act were wrong) and after another short break Vince Ray and the Bone Shakers (g, b, dr) came on. They would have been good but were possibly even more distorted than TCO so we left after two songs as we couldn't stand it anymore. Tube and drive back was easy so I was home by 1:30 but couldn't sleep because my ears were buzzing like an angry hive of hornets.
Therefore, Sunday was spent in bed til early afternoon and then I only had energy to go through the photos and watch DVDs/TV. Still feel rubbish today. :o(

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