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Do you have old computers, monitors or just components like hard or disk drives cluttering up your valuable space but no chance of selling them or even giving them away for free on freecycle?
Take them to Reboot who will be happy to take them off your hands and reuse them.
I gave them my old 15" CRT and two CD/CDR drives and they were very grateful for my donation.
Not only will you have saved space at home but also contributed to a good cause. You can't go wrong there.
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I assume you have one of those blue recycling boxes now.
It's nice to have one for recycleable plastic but why bottles only? Surely, the shape doesn't matter but the material? Why can't I put in e.g. those annoying blister packs that are made of PE?
It's probably the same idiotic reasoning why I can't put cardboard into the paper recycling bin.

On the subject of recycling/waste management, where in Cambridge can I get dispose of electronics/computer stuff where it is treated/recycled and not just dumped? I have an old car radio, two keyboards and two knackered CD drives to dispose of.

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