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This steak looked so good I cooked it a lot less then usual, about a total of one minute on each side, the rested for 10 minutes while I braised the chicory in the same pan. I added some veg stock to the same pan, then the quartered chicory and put on a lid to let cook until tender but still crunchy and most of the liquid was gone.

Sirloin steak, braised chicory, horseradish mash
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Scary box arrived today containing chard, green cabbage (scarily big head!), huge carrots that look more like turnips shape-wise, potatoes, swedes and onions.
I figured the chard would probably perish first so I cut out the white bits and chopped those finely and cut the green leaves into chunks.
In a saucepan with a generous amount of olive oil, I sauteed four  gloves of garlic, a small onion, a chunk of ginger and the chard whites (all finely chopped) until everything softened. Add a small cup of cream, season with salt and pepper and bubble for a bit. Stir in the chard leaves, turn the heat down, cover and let sit  for a few minutes. They really won't need long, just warm through and wilt a bit, you still want some bite.

I orignally wanted to make rice with this but had to realise I had run out so I made some mash with a couple of potatoes and one of the swedes.
It was lovely indeed and looked like this:

Bigger )
I didn't have any parsley, otherwise I would have added some green to the mash.

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