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This morning wasn't too bad at first. I visited the Stax Museum of American Soul Music on the site of the former Stax studio where artists like Otis Redding and Booker T and the MGs recorded their hits. Very informative but less technologically advanced like the Country Music Hall of Fame. While in the HoF the music you heard was limited to the exhibit you were looking at, a lot of tunes overlapped at Stax but it was still good and very interesting indeed. Sorry Elvis, but in terms of custom Cadillacs, Issac Hayes wins. Peacock blue, gold trim, plush fur interior, TV and so on. This was the true and original pimp mobile. ;o) Incidentally, I drove through Hayes' hometown, Covington, yesterday, completely randomly.
Interestingly enough, Martin Luther King's assassination (in Memphis, no less) was the cause of Stax' demise as after the event, there was so much discontent and distrust towards white people that Stax (white owned but a place where there was no racial prejudice whatsoever) couldn't continue to operate and had to shut down...
When I came out, it was raining hard so I decided to go to Graceland after all.
It was actually a lot less garish than I thought it would be and I could take photos. So, especially for [livejournal.com profile] cabd, here are two photos of Elvis' kitchen:


Bigger )

The trophy room with all its Grammies, other music awards and gold and platinum records was very impressive and the outfits obviously rocked. Shame about the weather as it was pouring down so I got pretty drenched just walking from building to building and couldn't get decent shots of the outside or the gate. Oh well, it was still worth it.

Came back to the hotel to dry up, write postcards and sort out a route to Birmingham tomorrow.

If I go out tonight will depend on weather. Would be a shame if I couldn't make it...

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