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Yay for new music from established artists!
For those of you who don't yet know, Grinderman is a new project by Nick Cave (with members of the Bad Seeds) and was described somewhere as "Foul-mouthed, noisy, hairy, and damn well old enough to know better" and that's exactly what it sounds like. You can hear the smoke and smell of booze in the air. This is music for a dark, smoky, sleazy club for the discerning professional who needs time out from the stresses of everyday life just as for the down-and-out from the street.
Pretty much like Tom Waits, it's raw poetry wrapped in raw, spontaneous music. Yum.
9 out of 10 on the Ozzometer.

N.B.: thanks to [livejournal.com profile] raggedy_man for bringing this to my attention.
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Hot Chip - The Warning
Fun, rather minimal and obscure electronica with some cool funky/groovy elements. They were on Later... a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed so I picked up the album. Odd statement considering it's a mainly electronic act but they sounded better and well, livier live, it's missing the real groove.
Still a 4/5 on the Ozzometer

Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - I Trust You to Kill Me
He was on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross a while ago when Kiefer Sutherland was on (whose label the CD was released on and who took him on tour across Europe - there was also a rather cool documentary on SkyOne about it).
If I needed to find a label for the music style, I would probably use something like "Modern Americana Rock" as he plays what is essentially roots music (he plays a National guitar) with various modern and individual elements.
5/5 on the Ozzometer

Nitzer Ebb - Body of Work
A 2CD set compiling the essential tracks by this classic Industrial band. The first CD has remastered original tracks, the second remixes and alternative versions.
There have been many (recent) imitators but none of them can quite reach the impact of these classic tracks
This is an essential piece for every industrial music collection, even if you've got the originals.
5/5 on the Ozzometer
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My my, Joachim Witt has come a long way since the 80s (who else remembers "Der Goldene Reiter"?).
Granted, he was one of the better ones from the NDW era but now he gives Rammstein a run for their money.
Go and check out his new album, Bayreuth 3.
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Quick rundown of films recently:
Hellboy - As someone who doesn't know the comics, I quite enjoyed it in a switch-off-brain-enjoy-the-ride kind of way. I like that despite all the prosthetics, you could still tell it's Ron Perlman, who rocks.
I, Robot - Hm, OK. Too clean, too shiny, nice effects but a bit blargh and just far too shallow considering the material it's based on
Intacto -  a Spanish film recommended by (and borrowed from) [livejournal.com profile] akonken about lucky people (and who can either control their luck in certain ways or steal other people's luck). Really not bad at all.
Chronicles of Riddick - Vin Diesel doesn't do anything for me and neither did the plot. Pitch Black was mean and nasty, this was bleh. It looked like it was made by the people who made the Dune TV films with a slightly higher budget. A few good moments but nothing gripping.
Battle Royale 2 - Also no comparison to the first. The violence seemed to be there completely for the violence' sake without that gut-wrenching atmosphere of the first film. If there was supposed to be some kind of message, it didn't come across.

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