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The colours in most of these are still off (mixed incandescent/fluorescent lights in the ballroom) and the final images will probably get a b&w or sepia treatment but they should give you a good idea of the awesomeness of costume and frockage. And yep, [livejournal.com profile] fractalgeek's "mutton chops" are real.

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Yesterday noonish I made my way down to the depths of Bedfordshire. Traffic was alright but I got confused due to the lack of signposting and the AA's directions so I missed a turn, came onto the A5 the wrong way and then missed another turn I remembered too late from last year so I came in through Leighton Buzzard down centre which was quite busy but miraculously I managed to find the right road and got to the school in plenty of time.

The Boss of Bosses mobster freeform was good fun and my governor actually made it alive through the end, which couldn't be said of most of the mob. Result. :o)

After a break, loads more people arriving and setting up the room, the poker tournament, run by Graham A and [livejournal.com profile] mr_malk went ahead.
Suprisingly, I did really well in the beginning, moving tables twice and waving good-bye to various people who had utterly outplayed me last year. I guess it was a combination of actually having a good few hands, and much luck but I need to be more confident and aggressive on the one hand and fold more often on the other.
Staying in as long as I did also meant I got into the "Last Chance Saloon" (the losers' table) quite late which in turn meant I was horribly short-stacked and didn't get the hands I needed to get in properly.

The final table was very strong (as to be expected) and consisted of both very experienced players and absolute "virgins". The last hand was awesome when [livejournal.com profile] chomper99 went all-in with 6 and 2 off-suit which turned into a Full House which beat Andy's Flush. o_O
Due to time-restraints, the winner was determined by number of chips which meant (can't remember her name) came out on top, beating both [livejournal.com profile] chomper99 and Andy. Very cool.
I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] mr_malk will be posting the final numbers of money raised but IIRC, it was around the 1500 quid mark.
Photos tomorrow.
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I just realised I completely forgot to post the final results so click on the thumbnails to open the albums (in game on the left and posed portraits on the right). I didn't have the time or space to set up a proper corner for doing this so the portraits are a bit naff but the outside ones worked quite well.
The lights in the main room were awful (mixed incandescent and fluroescent) and sometimes impossible to adjust properly without getting even more noise...



19 Nov 2006 07:15 pm
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Back from the CarribbeanRetford (got to [livejournal.com profile] robinbloke's in record time, well under two hours drive and I got in at about 5:30.
It was a good weekend, lots of fun playing, catching up with old friends and making new ones (does Frances have an LJ?)
We made good progress from Bar Hill at first but traffic on the A1 slowed down soon enough so the journey took us almost three hours. Very good thing that we left as early as we did as we didn't get stuck as many others did later...
Checked into our room, unpacked a bit and went to the main hotel to pick up our character packs and say Hi to people in the bar.
Due to a crash on the M1, many people were delayed so the schedule was pushed back by an hour which meant we had plenty of time to chat and make introductions, relax a bit, eat awfully bland and overpriced bar food, read our character packs and get changed.
Things got started with the brief and rules introduction and then it was finally time-in.
Spent some time milling about and trying to see who was there and what my options were. Other things happened, too but I won't get into details in case this will be run again somewhere at some point. At least I got to work on my objectives and getting somewhere, too.
After a lardy breakfast there was voyaging, treasure hunting and working on my objectives. By Saturday night I seemed to have the reputation as the best lookout in Freetown, considering even Henry Morgan and Morgan Adams - then the Pirate Queen - wanted my services.
After not being happy with the "bar food" we decided to skip the set dinner (the menu sounded great but judging by last year, it would be just as bland as the bar food) and got some rather nice Chinese take-away instead which not only saved us 15 quid but also some time I spent by processing some photos.
Happy to still be alive after Saturday night with actually having done something in terms of game and character development, I got a nice dram of some 15 year old Malt from the bar and chatted with various players including Dave who usually gets paid for playing a pirate (they have a complicated URL which I can't remember).
I screwed up setting my alarm so we got up an hour earlier than we wanted but hey, we had at least time to eat breakfast and pack our bags before the Sunday session started. This was good fun, too, as I got to play a completely different character (my previous character having escaped to join his employers, the Royal Navy, after Saturday night's events). Some very scary photos resulted from that session, too....
After it was done, we got changed, piled our plates with free (and actual not bland) food and were debriefed during which various bits of plot, secret identities and so forth were revealed.
Said our good-byes, got on the road and had pretty much plain sailing back home, roadworks only slowing us down a bit twice this time.

All in all, a good weekend indeed.


30 Aug 2006 10:24 am
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My Pyrates costume (flouncy shirt, waistcoat, trousers, headscarf and sash) has arrived and it looks awesome! I can't try it on until after Tai Chi tonight and then I'll post photos (filtered against those of you who will be at the game, of course ;oÞ)
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Next year's big weekend freeform will be
Here be Pyrates!

I will post details as soon as I have them. Due to various potential clashes the exact date isn't set yet but it will be in November again, at the same place (Retford).
[livejournal.com profile] davedevil, don't say I didn't warn you ahead of time. :oP
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I'm off to the Wild West for the weekend, so don't expect to hear from me until Sunday evening (as they didn't have internet or mobiles there). I will have my mobile with but not on me so you can text me, if you really need to get in touch and can wait for half a day when I check it again.

While getting ready this morning, I couldn't shake the feeling that I had forgotten to pack something important. I went through various things in my head (costume(s), bathroom stuff, change of underwear, photo gear and laptop, drink and snacks etc.) but couldn't think of anything and then, just as I was packing the car, I remembered: dress shoes. Phew.
I forgot to pack my breakfast instead. Bah.

Looking at the schedule, it's going to be quite cruel:
4 hours of play on Friday evening, 12 hours on Saturday (starting at 9, finishing at midnight) and another 4 hours on Sunday morning.
Then again, I have a lot of people to meet and greet and stuff/plot/personal objectives to go through, so it shouldn't get boring. Quite a chunk of Saturday will be spent in the poker tournament, anyway (provided I make it all the way through to the final which my character should, really).

[livejournal.com profile] sesquipedality and [livejournal.com profile] caffeine_fairy, I'll see you there! :o)
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Just received my "character sheet", if you can call an eight page PDF document that.
Wow, these people really put a lot of effort into their games. I've heard lots of good things about them and when I saw the announcement for this one last year, I signed up immediately. I'm sure it'll be a blast.

Gah, and then I realised that I completely forgot to care about costume. I assume a variation on my Balthasar costume will have to do. I have a hat, which is good. Black shirt, waistcoat, pocket watch. A frock coat would have been nice but there's no way I'll find something affordable until then.

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