24 Nov 2009 02:58 am
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Yes, insomnia has me in its lethal grip again so I'm watching TOS (just got all three box sets of the remastered issue for a lot less than the previous versions from amazon).
To amuse myself and to relive my childhood memories, I'm occasionally switching the Audio to German which really isn't that bad but sometimes, there are odd differences.

Example: In the English The Naked Time, after Spock neck-pinches Sulu, Kirk says "You have to teach me that sometime" while in German, he says something along the lines of "He would have claimed to be the Emperor of China next". Huh, wuh? Also, in the bit just before, when Sulu grabs Uhura, he calls her his Queen and that he'll protect her in the German version while in the English I can't quite understand what he's babbling about.

I see many a long night ahead of me...

The remastering is a bit of a two-edged sword for me. The digital remastering/cleanup of the footage and audio is well done but the new CGI sequences in exterior shots of the Enterprise look cheaper than the original model shots because the CGI is very obvious. It doesn't fit in. The extra CGI mattes to planet exteriors etc. are OK, though.
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Kirk)
(orginal post)

Kirk: We're going to apply all available power into one giant forward thrust
Bones: So I'd know enough to go slow when we penetrate its vulnerable spots.
Spock: The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive.

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