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Despite the alarm clock going off almost two hours earlier than during the week. *groan*

I was supposed to be at Shire Hall at 8 and figured it couldn't hurt to be a bit early. I got there at about 10 to and the carpark was empty so I phoned my contact who after a while turned up. There was some waiting for a keycard and then we could go in to keep warm. Meanwhile few others had arrived and kept arriving, including [livejournal.com profile] belak_krin.
Outside, we were then divided into groups (press and protesters) and given the general idea of what the two scenes we'd be involved in would be about and we did a dry run (without camera and actors) of the first scene to get an idea of where we're supposed to be and what we were supposed to be doing, which worked quite well.
After another wait (for the crew to finish shooting a scene inside), everything was set up outside. Then we did more rehearsals and finally filming began.
The scene was one of the characters arriving at the court being "greeted" by the press and angry protesters (against the reintroduced death penalty) and entering the building with the protesters and press being prevented from entering by two coppers.
IIRC, there were two slightly different setups filmed, with six or so takes each, not necessarily because things had gone wrong but basically to get the best shot possible.
The second scene was of the character and his lawyer leaving the building and being driven off, with the angry mob of protesters and the press behind him. This was filmed from opposite the entrance (in the first scene the camera was set up inside the entrance) so it took half an hour or so until everything had been moved and set up.
Again a few trial runs and quite a few takes filmed (about 10?).
The final bit filmed wasn't a different scene as such but the last bit of the last scene filmed from inside the car.

We actually wrapped just before 2 and got fed pasta and stuff (there had been bacon rolls and snacks and tea/coffee in the morning) and then send on our way with thanks.
It was a fun experience and an interesting glimpse behind the scene of a film production. While there was quite a bit of waiting (naturally) for us, the whole thing had a very professional atmosphere. All of the crew were very friendly and approachable, which was quite relaxing.

After lunch we set off for Farcet and after an uneventful and thankfully quite dry drive, we arrived at the Humphreys' for an afternoon of gaming fun.
[livejournal.com profile] belak_krin and I first played a match of BloodBowl, then the design copy of Robin D. Laws' Celebrity! card game I had won at the Dragonmeet auction in 05 (have Pelgrane actually released this by now or is this still in development?) and finally Before I kill you, Mr. Bond? (Cheapass Games). The others played Blood Bowl and then The Hobbit.
After Indian delivery dinner, we watched the quite hilarious Lake Placid, followed by Get Shorty, although I left halfway through the latter as I'd seen it and was feeling very tired.

Feeling tired didn't prevent me from switching on the computer at home, having a look at the photos (which turned out a lot better than I anticipated because I was mainly doing it for show rather than actually trying to get real photos). I then thought I'd play some more Sam&Max Episode 3 until I got stuck but finished it instead. Ooops. Either this was the easiest episode so far or I'm getting better at solving the puzzles. Never mind, much fun regardless.

Today I have been sleeping, eating breakfast, watching a bit of TV and generally vegging about. I need to do a pile of washing up and then find something for dinner before another long evening in front of the TV (Top Gear, 24, Lost) and hopefully bed before midnight.

To those of you who missed Primeval on ITV last night, it's being repeated now (4:30).

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