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Last night I decided to google for "karohemd" and was surprised to find that the first hits linked to various websites of mine (domain, deviantART, flickr and photoboxgallery) and other sites with links to my photos, only then came German fashion links.
As I wanted to post about it, I just did the same search from work (same version of Firefox, identical settings) and there were only links about checked shirts on the first five result pages.
The image search came up with the Industrial Angel portrait of [livejournal.com profile] puddingcat and the Rock Album Cover portrait of [livejournal.com profile] nurse_liz from devART in the first line, though.

Does Google take the frequency of page calls from the local computer into account? I access my sites more often from home than from work so that would make sense.

What does a search for the single term "karohemd" turn up on your ends?

ETA: Aha! Found it. There is a setting that's different. On my work computer, I had set "Display Google tips and messages in" to German and when I changed it to English, I got the same results as last night. Note that "Search only for pages written in" wasn't set, either. The interface language shouldn't make a difference to the results but apparently it does. Hm.

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