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Confusion seems to reign about recent LJ changes so I'm putting a few things together:

- Pingbacks send you a message if someone links to an LJ post of yours. Check here (second from bottom) if it's on or not.

- Stay away from Facebook/Twitter Connect!
As long as you don't set up Facebook/Twitter Connect on the Extensions page, you can't xpost your entries or comments. However, it's possible for others to xpost their comments they make on one of your posts. There's currently a possible security nag which might allow xposting a comment on a f-locked post. Big Boo there, LJ. Even it if it's a public post, I don't want willy-nilly to post stuff to facebook I don't want there. These accounts are separate for a reason.

Annoyingly, even when you've disabled xposting, you'll get the checkboxes in each comment you're going to write. Thankfully, but only for Firefox, there's a script for Greasemonkey that will get rid of them. I just tried it, it works.
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1 All you lovers of electronic music should check out his album Beautiful Skies (free download). Mostly mellow choons, perfect for summer.
2 He's also standing for the LJ Advisory Board so give him your support!

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