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The journey to our next destination was quiet but foggy so not very interesting which meant I found some time to write almost all of the postcards I intend to send from Port Lockroy tomorrow.

The ship stopped at Greenwich Island, specifically Yankee Harbour at around 16:00 and the first boat group went out half an hour later. The landing was wetter than the first one as you had to wade through some water (just shy of the top of my rubber boots) but it was no problem at all.

The island was host to three colonies of Gentoo Penguins and a family of seals who were sleeping by the beach. Many of the penguins had chicks, some older, some very young and it was wonderful to watch their behaviour, feeding the chicks, fighting each other, fighting the always present and ready Skua or just wandering back and forth to the sea. There was a lonesome Chinstrap penguin, too who looked a bit lost amongst all the Gentoo. The various types of penguins share living space but they don't interbreed.

After these exciting landings, I felt a T-Bone Steak was just the ticket, followed by some choc pudding and ice-cream. MmHmm!
Now to work on the photos and little vids.

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