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Back from Wembley and it was fantastic.
With two hours and twenty minutes the shortest Springsteen I've been to (usually they are an hour longer) but it was still awesome.
It was him on acoustic guitar and the entirely acoustic (if you ignore the pedal steel guitar in a few tracks) Seeger Sessions Band consisting of fifteen members (full horn section incl. susaphone, guitar, banjo, upright bass, two violins, piano/accordeon, background vocals) who pretty much filled the huge stage at Wembely Arena.
The played an almost one for one mix of tracks from the Seeger Sessions and Springsteen classics in the new style, most of them only recognisable by the lyrics. Really really cool. Johnny '99 sounded like a New Orleans funeral march and The River like an Irish Ballad. The two openers (Blinded by the Light and Does This Bus Stop on 52nd Street?) were completely reworked, too and sounded fresh and fine indeed. It was also the first time I didn't cry during Bobby Jean. Not that the Seeger Sessions version was bad, it just wasn't as moving...
All in all, glad I went. Despite being relatively far away, I had a clear view of the stage and the screen and the sound was very good, too.

And now, good night
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Even if you aren't a Springsteen fan but do like handmade music (classic Blues, Zydeco, Americana, Country etc.) go and listen to the preview of the Seeger sessions and then buy the album next Monday, even if it's from evil Sony.
This is roots music at its finest. Absolutely wonderful.
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Amazon.com have a video preview of the Seeger Sessions album (the track is John Henry).
Superb, can't wait (24th of this month).

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