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On 15th/16th of July is the East Anglian Medieval Fayre on an airfield near Bury St. Edmunds.
This not only looks like a fun day out watching chain- and platemail clad blokes beating the shit out of each other (and other shenanigans), eating some food, taking loads of photos (good opportunity to try my hand on action photography) but Schelmish are playing, too, currently one of the best medieval bands from Germany.

I'll be going on the Saturday, leaving very early in the morning.
Who wants to come along?
Tickets are relatively cheap for that kind of thing and can be bought on the day.


26 Apr 2006 03:54 pm
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Des Teufels Lockvögel rock my (medieval music) boat.
Nice to see that one of the veterans of the scene (Marcus van Langen) is sticking to the traditional values. Marvellous stuff. Oh, and they

For the more modern take, Cultus Ferox are the ones to look for. Forget Corvus Corax, Tanzwut (the new album is better than the one before but leaves me rather cold, too), In Extremo (haven't done anything spectacular in a while, either), Schandmaul (far too samey) or Saltatio Mortis (were never quite there). I wonder if Potentia Animi are going to do another album or if it was just a one-off.

Schelmish are still quite good but they're more the fun folk category.

TBC as I listen to more bands I haven't had a chance yet (Omnia etc.)

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