6 Feb 2008 10:15 pm
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Torchwood didn't really inspire today but it reminded me of a conversation I had with [ profile] sogoth and friends on Sunday after dinner. We thought it would be fantastic if there were pain-resistant cows with incredible regenerative powers so you could out the piece you wanted and it would grow back within a day or two (ETA: much like shearing a sheep, with no harm to the animal, otherwise this would be horrible). All you ever needed was one cow and you could have meat until it died of natural causes.
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Saturday I slept in just a bit and then drove in lovely weather and little traffic to Rutland for Northfield Farm's Spring Fair/Open Day. Blurb and photos.
Watched Dr Who while having bread and cheese for dinner (had had a burger and three bird roast during the day) and then processed the photos while watching Little Miss Sunshine (good and witty) and The Machinist (rather good with a scary looking Christian Bale) and chatting to [ profile] jupiter_jones.

Sunday I didn't get out of bed until noon and then just lazed about, had long breakfast with [ profile] jupiter_jones (only virtually, sadly), watched an episode of Dr Who I had missed and then finally got my act together and did the huge pile of washing up, some general tidying and made a music selection for my radio appearance tomorrow. Don't forget, 12.00-13.00 tomorrow on 209 Radio (online only currently). If you can't listen live, the show will be available as download and podcast from Wednesday.
For dinner I fried the gorgeous lamb chops I had bought at the farm. Such good meat. I was lazy so just had some braised green cabbage (pepped up with some balsamico and double cream) and some of the nice bread from this man.
Then there was Supernatural and a very long and lovely chat with [ profile] jupiter_jones (18 days!). Why is Channel 4 hiding really interesting music in their past midnight schedule? *grrr*

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