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Bitter Ruin played a half hour gig at St. Pancras Station last night (as part of the Station Sessions). The small, flat stage was set up in the middle of the busy shopping arcade with at this time of day (6pm) hundreds of commuters bustling past. There was obviously a group of fans but the duo's strong, unmistakable (and hard to put in genres, they are still looking for one themselves) quickly gathered a sizeable crowd. The sound was superb, despite the huge, noisy space and the tiny looking speakers (tall, thin bose contraptions) which coped perfectly with Georgia's incredible tonal and volume range.
They played a mix of favourites (Trust, Soldier, Beware) and one of their new songs (Leather for Hell) and, almost bizarrely, music that's more suitable for small, intimate venues really worked in this big space. They created, as a friend called it, an "island of difference".
If you have a chance to see them live, do.

Bitter Ruin at St. Pancras Station Bitter Ruin at St. Pancras Station
Bitter Ruin at St. Pancras Station Bitter Ruin at St. Pancras Station Bitter Ruin at St. Pancras Station

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Spucktute who are doing I'd like to describe as beat poetry with an electronica soundtrack. Quite bleak and angry lyrics.

Last July in their new lineup with Nevla on guitar. A decent PA and the extra layer of the electric guitar made them so much more fun to watch than last time I saw them. A really excellent gig. I predict a great future for them. :D

I probably don't need to introduce Devilish Presley who play dirty and fun Rock'n'Roll with great impact and charisma while only consisting of a guitar duo and a drum machine.

The light during the first two acts was poor but DP had two extra lights pointing up from the floor which helped a lot.


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Yet more on flickr.
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The launch party for Bitter Ruin's new album, Hung, Drawn & Quartered was held at the Spice of Life in Soho, in the tiny basement bar.
The venue is on two levels, with the non-elevated stage in a nook at one side end which means not a lot of people can see it well. The light wasn't great, either, but at least there was relatively little red.


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And yet more on flickr.

The album is available via the Bitter Ruin website and will also be on itunes soon.
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Finally I managed to edit and publish the photos from Saturday night. The sequence of the show was the same, with "The Lost Airman" (Thomas Dolby) taking the role of compere.

The full set is again on flickr.


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They opened for Nitzer Ebb on Thursday, had good sound and gave an enjoyable performance. Even worse light issues than for Mechanical Cabaret as there were no front lights whatsoever and some sections were red.
Still, I think, some came out great.


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A few more on flickr.
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The lights were difficult as most of it was from the back or side with very little from the front but Roi Robertson is a pleasure to shoot. Too bad I couldn't document some of his antics off stage because of the inadequate lights (and that's despite my ridiculous ISO capabilities). So all in all, a pleasurable performance.


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While most of it was backlit, there was at least some fill from the sides so the faces aren't completely in the dark as for Deathboy *grump*

Comments appreciated, especially from the geeks.

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Same night as Rome Burns in the previous post.

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Another lot of the backlog done.

The gig was great but the light was awful. There was almost no light, just a few lonely spots. I fiddled around a bit with the RAW files to create different hues and make the photos a bit more interesting.

Click the thumbnail to open the fotopic album.
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As I said earlier, there was plenty of light so I was happily shooting along at ISO800 but it was also very inconsistent.
Next time there are strobes, I need to take a lot more photos in short sequence to get lucky more often. I have two or three photos which are absolutely fantastic in terms of subject and composition but have the faces completely blown out. :o(

Anyway, here are some samples I'm really pleased with. Comments and constructive criticism, especially from the photo geeks, welcome.


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