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Since we entered the Drake Passage last night, it's been quiet (well, relatively, sea is light to moderate and wind speed is 4-5). Lasting from about 10pm to 12am, the sun went down very slowly and clearly, with just a band of clouds providing some contrast. Utterly utterly beautiful.
Today it's still quiet and I've added another two to my list of seabirds (Sooty Albatross and Cape Petrel) plus the now very common Black-Brow Albatross and Southern Giant Petrels (in various shades).

The bridge tour was interesting with all its high-tech and classic charts and they definitely have the best view.

We're now pretty much on the centre point between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands and we're making very good progress towards our first destination in Antarctica, King George Island where penguins and sea elephants await.
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I just shot my first Albatross, a black browed one to be precise. It was a bit far away so the picture isn't very clear but I'm told there will be loads more when we're crossing the Drake Passage.
I also shot loads of (Giant Southern) Petrels (who are named after St. Peter as they walk/run over the water when they take off) and they came a lot closer to the ship as they sailed effortlessly in the winds coming off the stern of the ship.

But yay, Albatross! *smug*

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