22 Nov 2008 08:59 pm
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Default)
Good thing I had set my alarm clock to 11:30 or I wouldn't have made it (still knackered from the flu thing). Bus, train and tube worked fine so I was at the Palace just before 2:30. [ profile] robinbloke et al turned up as well and eventually even [ profile] davywavy so we made our way inside. We were up in the "Grand Circle" opposite the stage. This was fine for me until a woman with HUGE HAIR sat down in front of me so I had to wiggle this way and that to see stuff but at least I didn't have to sit up on the backrest which would have been my last resort.
It was a good giggle, a nice mix of classic scenes (mostly from Holy Grail which was the main plot of the musical) with more singing and a number of original songs (incl. the meta song). The characterisations were pretty cool and the singing and dancing was good. Maybe not brilliant but very adequate for the material.

Afterwards, I went straight back to Cambridge because the inside of my head still feels like cotton wool, had more of my cauliflower/fennel soup for dinner and watched Merlin. In a bit I'm going to see if Einstein and Eddington is any good.

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