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Heimataerde - Kadavergehorsam
I finally remembered to buy this and I'm actually quite disappointed with this release.
The debut album Gotteskrieger was really rather good and added some interesting twists (fine synth melodies and medieval bagpipe samples) to the usual molasses of Hard EBM/Harsh Electro/WhateverYouCallIt these days. Kadavergehorsam is more of the same and doesn't really inspire as you've heard most of it before.
One thing that makes it stand out a little is that the vocals are actually understandable (if you understand German, that is) rather than utterly distorted.
The guest appearances by ASP, Die in Winter, Winterstahl, X-Fusion and XOTOX add a welcome touch but aren't quite enough to drag it into being brilliant.
I also miss a real dancefloor stomper like Deus Lo Vult. Shame.

6/10 on the Ozzometer not because it's bad but because it gets boring rather quickly.

Unter Null - Sacrament and Absolution (two separately sold EPs)
Those of you who were at Infest (or listened to the previews [livejournal.com profile] missnull posted) got a glimpse of this and music-wise, it delivers.
Unlike with Heimataerde, the music has evolved. It's more melodic and has more elements of trance as well as minimal electronics while still being stompy and in your face which should make it more accessible for a wider audience.
Bad point:
16 tracks (on two separate EPs) of which 6 are original tracks and the others remixes of those 6. Despite for a couple of superb remixes (especially the HEADSCAN mix of This is Your End) this makes for a rather meagre value for your money (18 quid for both at MNS) which is the main reason for the score because those originals are as good as expected. If you compare this to the Endzeit Bunkertracks 4 CD set, it's a bit of a rip-off on Alpha Matrix' part if you ask me.

7/10 because of bad value for money, otherwise it would be a 9.

VA - Das Bunker: Fear of a Distorted Planet (2 CDs)
Another compilation from long running Industrial/Noise club Das Bunker in LA featuring new and exclusive tracks from such varied artists as Combichrist, Karstadt, Synapscape and The [lah-rah] Collective plus [livejournal.com profile] echo_echo's Modulate delivering a cool mix across many electronic/industrial genres from the most minimalist to the harshest.
As with the first one (which I only bought because of Iszoloscope's Axel F remix and was then pleasantly surprised with the rest) it's not available over here but you can order it from the Das Bunker website.
This, on the other hand is good value of money (under 15 quid).

8/10 on the Ozzometer

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