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My vegbox yesterday contained this beauty of a squash ) which shall make its way into some form of curry or chilli.
It looks so lovely, I don't really want to eat it. :o)

In photogeek news, the white balance presets of the D80 seem to be more realistic than those of the D70. This was taken under flourescent light (I have a tube above my stove/worktop/sink combination) and this image is pretty much unaltered except for a slight brightness and contrast adjustment of the NEF image in Lightroom.
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Stupid card reader won't work on my PC nor my laptop, either. :o(

Have transferred the photos via USB cable direct from the camera now and you know what? The CameraRAW plugin can't handle the NEF files. *headdesk*

At least I had the sense to shoot in RAW+JPEG when I tested it earlier so I have a few things to show. These photos are just resized without any processing and were taken with the Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 at automatic white balance, ISO100.


Look here )

At one point, I'm going to take the same shots with the D70 and the D80 (same lens, same settings) to compare.

Question to the photogeeks: Can you recommend a good RAW/NEF editor that runs under Windows XP? Thanks muchly.

Overall, I'm very happy. The card reader thing and the NEF files not being supported yet (I would have thought they'd be the same as in the D200) are hopefully a temporary hurdle.

And I really really like the Sigma. :o)
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As I said earlier, it feels nice and solid, despite being plastic. The buttons are all in the right places, although some have moved around a bit from the D70 but that's not much of a problem. The autofocus seems nice and fast, although I had problems focussing through some leaves even with single area selected. I haven't cross-tested this with the D70, though.
The shutter/mirror mechanism feels and sounds more solid than that of the D70.

The Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 is really nice, too and seems very sharp across the range.

Stupid SD card reader doesn't work on my work machine (W2K says Insert Disk into drive x) and the reference machine with XP says the drive isn't formatted, so I can't show you any photos. :o( They look rather nice on the big LCD, though.


4 Oct 2006 10:40 am
karohemd: by LJ user gothindulgence (Camera tech)

As I wanted to leave the house, a courier van turned up with the D80+lens (battery grip is delayed). Will play a little at lunchtime but so far it feels really nice. Not much differnet to the D70 but the big viewfinder and LCD make a difference already. The Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 feels nice and fast, too.

Good thing I ordered loads of SD memory, 169 RAW photos on 2GB isn't very much...

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