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Various (US) friends have been mentioning this animated series but for some reason it's passed me by (I'm not even sure it was shown in the UK but Seasons 1 and 2 are available here as import).
I've now acquired the first two seasons (the third is currently running in the US) and it's hilarious. The title character, Sterling Archer, is a James Bond-esque secret agent who is an excellent shot and fighter but not exactly subtle whether it's in the approach of his missions or in interacting with his fellow agents and other people. The series shares both production and cast credits with Sealab 2021 but it's original material, not previous footage with a new dub.
The episodes are crammed full of the appropriate OTT tropes, stereotypes and cultural references but the main attraction are the dialogues and Archer's ineptness to understand or care for his fellow human beings. It's also quite raunchy but in a suggestive way and not graphic. Sadly, any swearing is bleeped out in the broadcast version which might or might not be intentional.
To get an idea of what it's like have a look at Best of Archer (youtube) but carefully, as it contains a few minor spoilers.
I highly recommend it and it gets better with every episode. There have been few things that had me in actual stitches recently but this series is one of them.

In other US TV news:
- The Walking Dead has restarted and after the rather good last episode it's a bit meh. Let's see if it gets better.
- Alcatraz has an interesting concept and has moved reasonably quickly moved from the bad man of the week to metaplot (this is going to be shown on Watch in early March). Oh, it has Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) as a geekhistorical expert.
- Grimm has just started this evening on Watch and is a bit monster of the week (fairytale/folklore creatures still exist and the protagonist can see them and is destined to fight them, in a sort of Buffy way). There was finally a hint of metaplot in the 10th episode.

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