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Despite the non-existing light, I actually managed to get  a number of shots in I'm really happy with, some with slow flash.

Rome Burns were on their usual form, despite [livejournal.com profile] simonsatori claiming his voice wasn't up to scratch. They played a number of new tracks, too.


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After a short break for rearranging the equipment on stage, Zombina and the Skeletones came on. Fun and bouncy all the way through with their skeleton outfits (Zombina a short black dress and the Skeletones white jumpsuits with caps and masks). I think this was the one hour set with the most tracks played I've ever heard. ;o)


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There are still more on flickr. Click on a big pic to go there and then on the relevant set link on the right.
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Mainly consisted of Strawberry Fair, which was brilliant if a little hot at times but I coped. Click the pic below for my report and photo preview.

I got home in time to have a refreshing shower and watch Seven Ages of Rock and while chatting to [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_jones and preparing my photo preview. Got to bed far too late but at least I had planned a lazy Sunday, anyway.

Was a null day during which I accomplished nothing at all except eating breakfast and dinner. A truly lazy day.

A few more pics of the Rome Burns gig taken with my Fuji )

More photos on flickr, still more to come when I have some time.
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Finished the lot last night. Considering the lighting conditions, the low stage and not being able to move around much during RB and TLD, I'm very happy with these. You can see all of them on flickr but here's a selection.

Fire and Forget )

Rome Burns )

The Last Dance )
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I think they upgraded their lighting rig since the last time I was there because there was actually reasonable (ambient) light so it was actually possible to take a few shots without slow flash.
Fire&Forget sounded tighter than at the cellar bar and were very enjoyable. Good crowd response, too so go you guys!
Rome Burns were fab as always and the preview of the new material makes me really look forward to the new album.
I hadn't really heard The Last Dance before (having had to leave before they came on at the Marquee gig), just the snippets from their myspace but I really liked them and they seem to be a nice bunch of people, too. So, all in all a very enjoyable evening with great music and great people (always good to see [livejournal.com profile] neilh, who I hadn't seen in ages as well as [livejournal.com profile] littlelightbulb and a rather mad [livejournal.com profile] lupie_stardust).

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After another null day (except cooking some lovely salmon), I made a good dent into processing the Rome Burns/SBA promo shoot.
As the night is going to be one bloody hour shorter, I'm stopping now so I can do housework and stuff tomorrow morning/early afternoon and then finish off the pics after dark. If I must, I can put in another hour or two Monday night and can then burn CDs so I can give them to [livejournal.com profile] toripink on Tuesday evening.
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On Saturday morning I got up earlier than during the week so I could be at Nick Marchant's studio in Duxford by 9am. Rome Burns, most of the Screaming Banshee Aircrew and the other photographer (Duncan) were already there and everybody was getting ready so after a round of introductions and getting a technical tour, we got started.
I didn't really know what I was doing in the beginning and got confused and distracted in between so I took an entire set of photos on the wrong ISO setting (I really need some sort of alarm system to remind me of that in the future) but things got a little easier towards the end. Anyway, here's a little glimpse. There's a lot more to come but you get a preview of each set and flickr has the full preview.

Rome Burns Rome Burns - Simon Rome Burns - Daevid
Rome Burns - Tori Rome Burns - Neville
Rome Burns Rome Burns

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Click the thumbnails to open the relevant albums
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Another lot of the backlog done.

The gig was great but the light was awful. There was almost no light, just a few lonely spots. I fiddled around a bit with the RAW files to create different hues and make the photos a bit more interesting.

Click the thumbnail to open the fotopic album.
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Got to work nice and early and it wasn't too bad today, either.
Off to the station, train to KingsX, early dinner at Tokyo Diner (yummy ton katsu). Wandered over to the Marquee at 7:30 but it wasn't open yet because they were still soundchecking (somebody got delayed in traffic). There was some confusion because the bloke at the door couldn't find my name on the guest list (which was sorted by [livejournal.com profile] djpsyche, though) and I eventually got in.
The venue was tiny, more wide than long, had a very low stage and two(!) bins for lighting. Great, I thought, this is going to be fun for taking photos.
Chatted to [livejournal.com profile] simonsatori for a bit while the rest of the band were setting up and soundchecking and then they started.
It was a good set and sounded good, too. [livejournal.com profile] toripink is a fantastic addition to the band, all they need now is a drummer and I think they could really take off. Well done, guys!

Next up was Eva O, who I hadn't heard of before and turned out to be quite fun death rock type stuff but a bit boring after a while. Very cheesy was the thing with the bloody apples (I would have a great shot of her biting into one with stuff oozing all over her but it's utterly out of focus *cries*). Bloody goths. *shakes head*.

Due to the delay, I had to leave before The Last Dance got on stage so I could catch the 11:15 train (I really didn't fancy the 0:06 and getting home at 1:30)

As always, I can't just go to bed after a gig because everything's buzzing, so here's a photo preview:

Larger versions and a few more )
Either the lights weren't that bad after all or I'm getting better at this thing, it's got to be one of the two.

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