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As a general rule, I don't bake. There are three main reasons: I don't have a proper oven, baking is a precise science which doesn't go well with my intuitive approach to cooking and a real cake is just too big for just one person. I've made crumbles before because the mix is just equal amounts of flour, sugar and butter so easy to scale down.
Today I tried something else. I bought a pack of pre-made, rolled puff pastry from the chiller cabinet (JusRol), cut a piece of pastry for a tartlet, scored a line for a rim, arranged some sliced apple dusted with cinnamon on it and shoved it into my toaster oven. Out came this:
Apple Tartlet

It was a little overdone (will need to watch more carefully next time) and dry (an extra layer of filling would have done nicely, or thicker apple slices). Also, the pastry is a litle salty so a little dusting of sugar should do the trick there.
All in all, not bad for a first attempt. I'll be attempting a savoury version tomorrow as I have cherry tomatoes and goat's cheese.
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I randomly followed a link from the Radio Times site which advertised Justified Season 1 for £1 (which I haven't been following but is apparently very good) and thought, "for a quid, I'll buy that without torrenting it first". Turns out the link lied and a single episode is 2.49(!).
I then checked other series and found out that most are more expensive as a freaking download from itunes you can't use anywhere else than the Blu-ray boxed set and not just on amazon or play.com but even the RRP.
For example, House Season 6 HD is £48.99 on itunes, the RRP Blu-ray boxed set is 44.99 (DVD 34.99), on amazon 30 and 24 quid respectively.

Add to that all the DRM and non-compatibility issues, why would anyone buy anything from itunes? Or at least TV series?

Fuck you, Apple, you're not getting my money.

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