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- The Lost Room is awesome, watch it.
- More exciting TV on its way: New seasons of Supernatural, Lost, Life on Mars and all new Heroes
- Innocent Smoothies taste nice but are far too thick to actually drink undiluted. Very good for adding to plain yoghurt, though.
- I'm thoroughly enjoying reading Going Postal atm. After not being able to finish the last one, I had almost given up on Pratchett but this one is good. I guess I'll pick up Thud! when my to read pile has shrunk a bit more.
- I upgraded my AVG licence to include firewall, spyware protection and other toodahs and it already found loads of bits. Ick.
- Due to work being stupid and me still being tired, I haven't worked on photos for ages :o( This will hopefully change next week
- New veg delights tonight, no idea what to cook yet, though
- Mobster freeform and charity Poker tournament on Saturday, yay! Good thing the freeform is in the afternoon as finding the place is easier in daylight...
- Sunday will hopefully be a little more productive than the last few. I will need to do the poker photos, get my place in order, cook and really work on my Antarctica backlog.

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