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So, that was the first, six episode season, good thing they're tacking on a proper season because it's bloody excellent. It's excellent TV with brilliant acting and excellent production values, a good story and well developed characters you either care for or want to die screaming in hell. Some of the best bits of zombie related drama have been in these six episodes, one in particular just left me sitting there with my mouth open.

However, it's an altogether different beast from the comic, both in terms of plot and internal dynamics but both work so nothing wrong with taking it into a different direction.
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Just watched the first episode and it was excellent.
They got the atmosphere right, the prosthetics effects are very good (just a shame the splatter is CGI, it never looks right), the acting is good and the writing is excellent (actually better than the comic). This is where the important bit comes in in horror: you care/feel about the characters, be they the good guys or the twats, i.e. there are people you like and want to live and those you want to die painfully (just one so far, readers of the comic will know who I mean).
The first episode loosely follows the first and a half issues (Rick rides into Atlanta and meets the horde), with some padding that works very well for setting the atmosphere.

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