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Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman have been on the (dirt) road again, this time from John o'Groats to South Africa. Should be good, starts end of this month.

The new comedy line last night was really good. First the just mentioned The Life and Times of Vivien Lyle with Jennifer Saunders as Trisha-style chat show host. It had a few overdrawn characters but who knows what goes on behind the scenes of those shows? It might all be true.
The Peter Serafinowicz Show had me in giggles almost all the way through. Just a series of short bits with a cast of wonderful characters and spoofs of mostly TV things, like the honest shopping channel ("these crappy earrings cost pennies to produce but you can buy them now for 39.99 if you have to") or the shit and equally honest compensation claim lawyer and the acting masterclass with Michael Caine which showed that he's quite a good impressionist, too. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Mitchell and Webb are always good for a laugh and this week there was a good number of gags. Curiously enough, the "Trains and Elephants" magazine thing was on Peter Serafinowicz while I had heard it previously about half a year ago on the Mitchell and Webb show on BBC4...

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