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Slept long, went to the baker's to pick up breakfast, chatted and then we headed out again.
First stop was the Saturn (big electronics supermarket, a bit like Curry's etc. but with a huge music, DVD and computer/console games section) where I satisfied my craving for mainstream music. Well, when I say mainstream, I mean mainstream in Germany. Imagine most of the stuff you find at Resurrection Records (with the exception of the really hard noise stuff) in a high street shop. Discovered that Benzin is No. 1 in the German charts (the regular pop charts, not the alternative charts) and found pretty much what I was looking for (Subway to Sally, Xotox etc.) and a few German things (Rosenstolz, 2Raumwohnung). I should have bought a copy of Sonic Seducer before then and not last night. Now I will need to put in another infrarot order soon. Bah.

The rest of the day was tourist day, so we went exploring the major attractions (Unter den Linden, Brandenburg Gate, area around the Reichstag/Bundestag etc.) There was a huge queue for getting into the Reichstag and it started to rain quite nastily so we scrapped that idea and went around in a bus instead, leaving the Reichstag and Holocaust Memorial for the next day.

Headed back to the flat for some much needed rest (and listening to CDs). Out in the evening for the best Fajitas I've had anywhere, very flavourful, nicely prepared, good tortillas with good dips and, most importantly, at €8.50 per portion. That's about a £5.80. Chilli's in Cambridge charge almost three times as much for inferior quality. [livejournal.com profile] lsur and I shared a nice bottle of Rioja which went down well. For a Saturday night, the restaurant wasn't very busy at all so we took our time and talked about, well, stuff.

As I wanted to get up early on Sunday, we only had a few drinks at the Last Cathedral, a very cheesy Goth/Rock pub in a basement with fake stone walls, carved wooden booths, all kinds of goth paraphernalia, DJ music and a tiny dancefloor in the back. Good place to have a couple of hours, though.

Got back to the flat and then spent ages sampling [livejournal.com profile] lsur's little whisky selection and chatting with two of his flatmates. I wasn't allowed to go to bed before 2 so that's when I went. ;o)

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