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Made it down to London and Camden without problem. As the Underworld wasn't open yet, I listened to some other band at World's End for a while and then joined the queue again. While I was waiting, [livejournal.com profile] jonny_eol turned up and we chatted a bit.
Uninvited Guest were on first and OK, I guess. Not really my thingl and a bit samey. The singer needs better stage presence.
Lahannya were next and I really liked them. Female fronted goth metal, not bad at all.

ASP came on and the Underworld still wasn't at full capacity. The bottom floor was just about half full, I guess and there weren't that many people in the upper area, either.
The sound was good although the mix could have done with more vocals for my liking. They played a good mix across their catalogue, from Sing, Child to Nie mehr and weren't that bad at all.
I'm glad I did make it, after all, as I flaked out half way through the afternoon and was thinking of not going, saving the money for the travelcard and getting another early night. Bed now, though.
karohemd: by sogoth.livejournal.com (Music)
ASP have covered Konstantin Wecker's "Sage Nein!" and I'm in two minds about it. It's cool that they did it and get the message out but I think it's not strong enough. It's eerily haunting in the original and that doesn't really come across in ASP's version.

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